Liberia: Engineering Group Supplies Mamba Point Residents with Disinfectants to Combat Covid-19

Staffs of I Engineering Liberia Limited giving out some Coronavirus preventive materials to a resident of Mamba point

Monrovia – As part of efforts to prevent the spread of the deadly Coronavuris in the country, I Engineering Liberia Limited has donated assorted disinfectants and other items to residents of Mamba Point and at the same time cautioning them to be steadfast in adhering to health protocols.

Report by J. H. Webser Clayeh, [email protected]

I Engineering Liberia limited, an international company located in Mamba Point on the Old CID Road provides end-to-end engineering infrastructure solutions to telecommunications and power industries.

On Friday, March 27, employees of the company along with some community leaders of Mamba Point carry out awareness on the Coronavirus, telling residents what they need to do to prevent the spread of the virus.

“Coronavirus is real, always wash your hands with soap and clean water and keep away from crowded areas. Also, observe social distancing to keep the Mamba Point community safe,” the Quality Health Safety and Environment Manager of the company, H. Ninneh Gayeplu said through a megaphone.

As part of the awareness, the company also distributed buckets, disinfectants, hand soap, sanitizers and face masks to several households in the Mamba Point community.

Speaking with FrontPageAfrica after the donation, Ahmed Abdelaziz said the gesture to the community is the company’s way of giving back during the pandemic.

“This donation is part of our company’s social development policy. We are urging all dwellers of this community to treat the Coronavirus pandemic with caution and ensure to follow the preventive measures recommended by the NPHIL and WHO,” Mr. Abdelaziz said.

“I Engineering Liberia Limited hopes to continue its relationship with the Mamba Point community to help buttress the effort of the national government.”

Leading the awareness, H. Ninneh Gayeplu, a senior staff of the company, told beneficiaries to use the disinfectants to prevent the spread of the virus in their community.

Gayeplu said: “Coronavirus is real and can be prevented by washing your hands frequently with soap and clean water for 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer, cover mouth and nose when coughing, wear a mask, and keep a distance from people.”

For his part, the community chairman of the Mamba Point Rev. Adolphus Bar applauded the company for coming to the aid of residents.

Barr added that it was the first time for a company residing in their community to carry out such a gesture.

“Let us use these materials to prevent ourselves from the Coronavirus,” Rev. Barr told residents.