Liberia: Diaspora Unity Partisans Donates materials for education and COVID-19 Fight


MONROVIA – As Liberia continues to join rest of the world to combat the deadly coronavirus and strives to strengthen the educational sector, political parties have joined the struggle in bringing relief to the country.

One of such parties that has joined the fight is the Unity Party who’s partisans in the United States and Canada Women Congress over the weekend donated materials to the Unity Party National Women Congress in Liberia to strengthen the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The items, which include 2,000 locally-procured face masks and 1,000 notebooks, were delivered on last Wednesday at the United Party headquarters in Congo Town, Monrovia.

The Deputy Secretary for the Unity Party National Women’s Congress, Cleopatra Taylor, said that the materials donated would be distributed to schools and to the partisans in order strengthen the fight toward the global pandemic.

Madam Taylor added that the donation was timely for the partisans and the Liberian people in general.

According to the Women Congress in U.S and Canada, this contribution symbolizes commitment and loyalty to the growth and development of women of the party and the nation.

The group said the initiative is in honor of their former chair lady, Macaetoh Patricia Wreh-Togba, and all the powerful women of Unity Party including Patience Randall, National Acting Chair lady, and Ophelia Kennedy, Secretary General, among others.

The Women Congress of the UP in the US and Canada said in a statement that they are in solidarity with the healthcare workers who have been striking for weeks requesting the Government to increase their salaries and other incentives, stating that as professional people they deserve better while they fight to protect the lives of all the people of the country.

“We are also cognizant of the increasing rape cases. Raping of women and children are on the increase under this Government. Girls and boys are being sodomized daily and nothing is being done,” the UP Women Congress said in the statement.

The women said they pity with the living conditions of all Liberians, especially those who are living on US$1 or below a day.

“We want to call on the Weah-led Government to do everything possible to solve these growing issues that have the propensity to undermine our fragile peace and democracy. The growing electoral violence in our country is alarming and the government needs to look at it critically,” the statement added.

They expressed gratitude to all partisans and leadership of the National Women Congress who over the years have remained committed and devoted to the struggle and aspiration of the party.

“We are here for you, and have you in a high esteem praying that God in His divine wisdom will endow on you his many blessings as you continue to work to keep the Party focused and functional,” they said.

The former Vice President of Liberia and political leader of the opposition Unity Party (UP), Joseph N. Boakai, said he was elated that the Women Congress in the United States and Canada chose to identify with the Unity Party branch in Liberia, particularly during this difficult time when the country is working to defeat the coronavirus.

He said he was impressed with the donation, mainly the locally-procured face masks, something he said promotes the empowerment of local Liberian businesses.

“It has come a long way, and we are again beginning to establish strong relationship with our people and partisans in the U.S. and Canada,” he said.

Amin Modad, Unity Party Chairman, said the party would continue to engage its partisans both locally and internationally. He said it’s important for the party to provide face masks for partisans and supporters.

“We have been engaging them and it’s no secret that they have been doing a lot for the party. I’m happy that they have indicated that this is just a start, and they are committed in doing more for the party,” Chairman Modad said.

UP Secretary General Mohammed Ali said the partisans in the United States and Canada have not forgotten the Party, adding that they remain as an integral part of the institution.