Liberia: Chance Pharmacy Opens Its Doors in Liberia, Aims to provide high-quality American drugs


MONROVIA – A 100% Liberian-owned pharmacy called the Chance Pharmacy has opened its doors to customers at a new and improved location in Kende Town on the Robersfield Highway. The pharmacy, which is the brainchild of Mr. Francis O. Nyeekpee, Jr., aims to provide quality medicine and supplies approved by the United Stated Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the Liberia Medicines & Health Products Regulatory Authority (LMHRA).

Speaking at the official opening ceremony, Chance Pharmacy’s CEO Mr. Francis O. Nyeekpee, Jr. stated that the goal of the pharmacy was to “make a difference in the lives of the people we serve.”   He explained that his decision to launch the pharmacy was due to an early experience where he had lost his grandmother because she had taken a substandard drug.  “As a result of that experience, I wanted to become a medical doctor, but the opportunity never materialized and so I decided to find other ways to help and assist the healthcare system in our country.”  He elaborated that his vision for the pharmacy was to give the Liberian population access to quality and affordable drugs.

Mr. Francis O. Nyeekpee, Jr. stated that Chance Pharmacy had first opened its doors in 2017, but that the grand launching was for the company’s new and improved location on the RIA highway near the RLJ Kendeja Villas & Resorts location.  “This had long been in the making,” said Mr. Francis O. Nyeekpee, Jr. “I am thankful to God for this pharmacy because we have come from afar and our journey is a clear manifestation that making a difference is not easy.”   He went on to reveal that the Pharmacy would include a rapid diagnosis lab, which is expected to be opened within a month.   

Also speaking at the occasion, Mrs. Sagnay Freeman welcomed the new pharmacy and said that it would make a major and positive impact on Liberia’s health care sector.  She noted that even with the best diagnosis, it would be challenging for a patient to recover without quality medications.   “Chance Pharmacy is about providing a chance to make a difference in our lives,” concluded Mrs. Freeman.

The CEO of the pharmacy revealed that Liberians in the diaspora could order and pay for drugs for their relatives in Liberia by calling +1 (919) 246-6304 (USA).   He explained that although it was a US number, calls to that number would be routed to Liberia where pharmacy staff would be able to fulfill orders placed by individuals abroad for the benefit of friends, family or loved ones in Liberia.    In addition to filling prescriptions and supplying wholesale and retail medical supplies, the pharmacy was also set up to provide cosmetics, health related products, or answer simple health questions.  Customers in Liberia interested in visiting the pharmacy may call the pharmacy on the telephone on the local numbers +231-7786-48635 and +231-8801-54616.