Liberia: CEMENCO Resumes Its Block Makers Academy; Certificates Several for Successful Participation


MONROVIA — The Liberia Cement Corporation,  which is generally referred to as CEMENCO, on Saturday, April 17, 2021, resumed its much-publicized Block Makers Academy, with the certification of several persons who were educated on the entire process of block making,  from cement production and appropriate mortar mixture to block molding. 

Located on Somalia Drive, Monrovia, CEMENCO, which is part of the Heidelberg Cement Group, is the main supplier of cement in the county and its engagement dates back to 1968.

Additionally, the participants were also taught about the composition of raw materials that produce cement and company’s different grades of cement and their usage. 

The participants, who were drawn from the communities surrounding CEMENCO, were provided wheelbarrows, shovels, molds, PPEs etc. for  the execution of the exercise.  The communities are Sawmill, Billimah, Bassa Town and Central Jamica Road.

At the end of the block making exercise held in the compound of CEMENCO, the participants successfully made over 2500 blocks, using the best practice method.

Interestingly,  the Minister of Commerce and Industry, Madam Mawine G. Diggs, who  graced   the exercise, briefly participated in the molding of blocks as a means of motivating the participants, something the participants graciously welcomed and described her as a  true and committed public servant.  

They pledged to emulate her good  example and called on others to do likewise.

The  participants,  during their colorful certification program, happily commended the management of the company, mainly the Managing Director, Mr. William Philip Gaignard,  for the skills and knowledge they acquired and vowed to utilize them wisely for  the betterment of themselves, their families, communities as well as the county .

Prior to the block making exercise,  the Safety, Health & Environmental Manager at CEMENCO,  Nathaniel Pritchard, provided the participants safety orientation.   

Mr. Pritchard, who urged the participants to abide by all of the rules and regulations regarding safety in the compound, reminded them that safety is everyone’s responsibility.

“We will provide you all of the equipment you will need as you undergo this very important exercise and we want you to use them wisely for your own protection and safety because this a plant,” Mr.  Pritchard pointed. 

While bragging that CEMENCO produces the best cement in the country, he further urged the participants to make maximum use of the company’s block makers academy for their empowerment. 

Also speaking, the Managing Director of CEMENCO, William Philip Gaignard, thanked and wholeheartedly welcomed  the Minister of Commerce & Industry Madam Mawine G. Diggs,

   for gracing the exercise marking the resumption of the CEMENCO Block Maker Academy.

Mr. Gaignard informed the Academy Team that they are lucky to have the Minister Commerce & Industry as a means of motivating the team.

“I want to see the best work. I expect the best of you as you have made the competition to resume. I wish you the best and want to encourage you people by making the best blocks and make us proud,” Mr. Gaignard stated.

While reaffirming CEMENCO continued support to the development of Liberia and the Pro-Pro Agenda, the CEMENCO’s MD disclosed that the over 2500 blocks that will be made will be donated to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to help complete its project and in addition the company will give 300 bags of cement towards the project.

Like MD Gaignard, the Sales Manager at CEMENCO, Madam Vivian Joe-Saamoi, thanked all of the participants for making the resumption of the CEMENCO Block Maker Academy a success.

“What you are doing here today is a clear picture of what is happening in the community and society, those potentials that we do not see, so we call you up here to be able to bring the young people out so they can show what they are capable of doing, and also for block makers to be able to start up with their own and improve their livelihoods, “she added.

Meanwhile, the CEMENCO Block Makers Academy, according to J. Ramsey Roye, the Logistics Officer at CEMENCO,  is also part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility in that blocks made from the Academy are given as donation to various entities such as schools, orphanages official projects, and community driven projects. 

“This also serves as a publicity for the company and as a means of increasing sales in every region that the Academy is launched. Also, it provides visibility of our products in all the regions,” Mr. Roye stated. 

Under the CEMENCO’s Corporate Social Responsibility,  Mr. Roye  disclosed that beneficiaries of the Block Makers Academy currently for this year

 are the Ministry of Commerce & Industry-1800 blocks to assist in the construction of its special project- first session, Ministry of Labour for the second session and the Ministry of Public Works for the third session.

“Since the CEMENCO Block Makers Academy was established 2018, several institutions and communities in and out Monrovia have benefited from the initiative,” he recalled.