Liberia: CDC National Auxiliaries Head Alarms Over Threats, Intimidation From Unknown Sources


Monrovia – The embattled national head of auxiliaries within the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, Steve Gaye, has expressed fear over alleged constant threats and intimidations from unknown individuals, whom he said are believed to be using fake accounts.

Speaking with FrontPageAfrica from his sickbed in the U.S. Thursday, May 19, Gaye said these unknown individuals are constantly fond of sending him and his wife scary messages since he reacted to the to have him removed from his position.

“I worked for the party over the years without salary or benefit, serving as Chairman of the National Auxiliary Networking, but unfortunately for me, after leaving Liberia for the US on medical leave, I surprisingly saw on Chairman Morlu Facebook page that he was restructuring the auxiliary with new leadership without his consent” Gaye panicked.

However, according to him, because Chairman Morlu did not consult him of the said decision, he resisted through a press statement, on grounds that he was the legitimate head of all auxiliaries within the Coalition.

Besides, he noted that the Coalition has a Grievance and Ethics Committee that is yet to be acknowledged while he should be removed from an institution in which he is a founder and head.

“Where is my fault? He should let me know as an official of a well-established institution,” he opined.

Gaye noted that he remains consistent that Mr. Morlu should not take ownership of an institution whose vision he brought forth, but rather consult him if the party intends to take any decision surrounding the auxiliary, and that it should not be the basis for which he continues to receive threatening messages.

He added: “I have tried to even call Morlu on the situation, but he does not pick up my calls, which prompted me to issue the statement.”

“Immediately after the statement, I have been receiving threatening messages on social media, using fake accounts with flowers are profile pictures,” he said.

Gaye added that what is creating more fear for him is the fact that one of the unknown people message his wife on a private number on one occasion and send a similar message to him on social media, the messenger that he needs to be careful because people are going after him.

According to him, when he attempted tracing the account of the person, the message was deleted and he was subsequently blocked, which he surmised was trying to hide the identity.

“I taught it was a joke, but the next day, my wife called me and said that someone called her on a private number again at night, telling her, if your husband thinks he is a man, let him put a foot in Liberia,” he expressed fear.

“After a few days, my wife called me that the private number called again and said the group planning to welcome me will be resisted from going at the airport if they dare doing so.”

Gaye explained that he is due to return to Liberia anytime, but wants the government to be aware of these threats and intimidations to ensure his safety when he comes back to the country.

According to him, his fear is due to news about mysterious deaths in the country, ranging from auditors to other citizens.

Gaye wants President Weah to be aware that his resistance to illegally removing him, should not be a basis for which he will continue to receive threats from unknown persons.

At the same time, the Coalition for Democratic Change embattles Head of Auxiliary maintained that it is a big secret that he wants to contest the Chairmanship of the Coalition, but believes his life is unsafe as a result of threats coming from fake pages that are quickly deleted.

“I taught to bring this to the attention of FrontPageAfrica that there are many deaths ongoing and me and my family, continue to receive threats from unknown individuals, so that in the nearby future when something mysterious happened to me, the world should be aware,” Mr. Gaye lamented.