Liberia: Assistant Minister of Litigation Lists Series of Cases Solicitor General Allegedly Swept or Attempted Sweeping under the Carpet


MONROVIA – In his spree to unearth who shared call logs and other evidence linking him to being in communication to one of the suspects in a major money laundering case, Cllr. Syrennius Cephus after accusing the Minister of Justice, Cllr. Frank Musa Dean, he has also complained the Assistant Minister for Litigation at the Ministry to the elders of Rivergee County, claiming that he is undermining his work Solicitor General.

However, Cllr. Wesseh A. Wesseh has not taken the complaint to his elders lightly, prompting him to sharply respond to the Solicitor General and reminded him of a litany of cases that he has undermined at the detriment of the Justice System.

Full Text of Cllr. Wesseh A. Wesseh’s Response to Cllr. Syrennius Cephus:

Good morning  SG,  why are you on a self collision course  with me, by  reporting  me to some Elders  from River Gee,  that I have been disrespectful to you and  that I have also   been undermining you,  because  according to you,  I am very too  closed to the Minister and Attorney General of Liberia,  than you?

All along, Chief,  I have down played  your threat to complain me to the elders of River Gee, until I met Elizabeth Dunkin at the GC and then  Nyenpan Saytue,  President of the Monrovia River Gee Development Association, in  Doe community,  last evening and I was told that a meeting with  the elders, with you and I, is planned for this week. Why go this far my chief?

This your move is very unfortunately; in that  you know very well that I have alway  followed your  instructions, like  when you instructed  me to Nolle Prosequoi  the Ellen Cocokrum’s  case,  which you and I are  aware caused me serious  embarrassment, because  little did I know that you where conflicted when you represented her in that Economic Sabotage case before the coming  in of this government.

When I followed your unlawful instructions, to file the Nolle Pro,  I  ran into problem with the Minister  because dismissing that major case needed his approbation.

Even to this end, when I decided to prosecute the Barrobo murder case that was transfered to River Gee you made  strives   to undermine my efforts to  prosecution  those  individual!, when you on several occasions,  communicated with the Public Defenders in River Gee to file another change of Venue , with out informing me as the prosecutor on the ground in River Gee.

You also  attempted to kill an indictment  that was  brought against  Narborlor Singbeh and others when you and Edwin Martin, then County Attorney for Montserrado,  told Judge Roosevelt Willie not to send the case to Criminal  Court  C for trial, after the indictment was formed, eventhough  you  were conflicted,  because  you and Martin  represented some of those parties in that case when you were in private practice.

You also did other things  which I will not post in here.

Giving all of these instances, if I  were that type of Assistant Minister  for Litigation,  having direct supervision and control over County Attorneys and other prosecuting Attorneys,  at the MoJ, I would have disagreed with you in  the public space. You know that I have been acting like a sleep dog because that has been by character.

I would have also lale the pressure on you in the manner and form that you handled the  Sampson Pennue  murder”s case,  I was the one that drawn that indictment  before it was filed by the County Attorney. We all know what happened to this case when the Judge dismissed the cause for  prosecution’s  failure to proceed, which was contrary to the real issues in that case where the evidence was overwhelmingly convincing to ask the court or jury to convict Sampson pennue.

 I remaind very  quiet,  as my nature  imbued in me by my single mother is to respect my bosses and other in similar positions.

Now, you and I are  aware  that I was in Kakata from December  13,  2021,  January 3, 2022, prosecuting  the German man’s  murder case  that was Venued changed from Buchanan to Kakata.

I got involved with the Korlane Investment case in early January, 2022,  after Cllr  Lafayette Gould, on the instructions of the Attorney General, filed the  application for a  court  freezing order of  Korlane  company’s account, when you wrote  the Minister  that Cllr. Gould was dismissed by you 

So, why  are you going  arround and telling some  elders from River Gee,  including Sen. Commany Wesseh,  that I have alway  being disrespectful to you, undermining you and that I am  too closed to the Minister,  than you and acussing me of being used  by the Minister to get at you?

You also told some of the elders that I am witch hunting you for filing the indictment  and that I am not helping you out with your alledged call log issues,  when infact and indeed the indictment i file was not premised on any call log. Please  see the indictment, which is a public record for ease of reference.

I am baffled by your assertions because  you have never one day confronted  me by citing instances where I have undermined you  or  being disrespected to  you.

Further, you are also aware that the statute under which we work,  makes the Minister our direct boss,  in that,  we operate under his direction,  supervision and control.

Sir,  how in this  world you wanted me to have disrespected the Minister’s  instructions, which was lawful, for me  not to run the Korlane indictment  indictment, in the wake of your alleged  undermining of the investigations and the  case!?

Now,  you  complained me to the elders including  Sen. Commany Wesseh, Nyenpan Saytue  and others!, that  I am not working in your interest  for runing the indictment and that  I have the power to save you and  your reputation   from  and fall out from the Korlane’s  case, but,  the indictment  that I drawn and filed did not make mention of you or any other communication that you made have  had with the defendants in this case.

Chief, I have long considered you as a big brother,  but to have directly complained, me to the elders of River Gee, on  professional issues at the work place, is a   direct threat on  my life and that of my family,  become some of those you  complain me to  have long been individuals who have long been  trying to being me down.

Let me say  for the records that I   have worked at the MoJ for closed to  nine unbroken years, first as County Attorney before my current position, in that, I understand the working of my office, before I was even appointed and will remain under the direct supervision  and control of the Minister who is my boss and will only follow his lawful instructions  as per the statute, but will continue to respect you as my administrative boss and no  manner of intimidation from you will cow me into submission,  in as much as I am in adherent to the statute.

Chief, please don’t step on my toes again and be aware that I am a qualified and competent lawyer trained by the United Nations  with an LLM with specificity in Tansnational Crimes and Justice.