Liberia: Armed Men Attack GMCS Mining Site in Rivercess County


RIVERCESS – Cogent information reaching this paper revealed that several gunmen allegedly headed by Mr. Moses Mayer, Traditional Council Inspector of Rivercess County at about 1:00am on December 5, 2021 entered the GMCS Mining site and carried out massive looting and hurt two private security officers, who are assigned at the mining site.

According to an eye witness, who confided to this paper revealed that the total amount of equipment looted from the mining site value at US$283,600.

It was established that one Mohamadi N. Iria, who is believed to be the main perpetrator of the attack used a false survey map to encroach on GMCS operational area, which the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) had issued Licenses.

GMCS complained to the Ministry of Mines and Energy, after which the ministry conducted a field investigation and ruled in favor of GMCS on November 30, 2021.

Investigation further revealed that when Mohamadi N. Iria get the information that GMCS has paid for surveyors from the Liberia Geological Survey to conduct survey on the site, on December 5, 2021, Mohamadi N Iria mobilized funds and send money to the Traditional Council Inspector, Moses Mayers for him to organize people with gun and knifes purposely to stop the survey for GMCS and to scare GMCS workers in order to abundance the GMCS Mining Site.

Immediately after the attacked workers of GMCS informed the police in Rivercess County and three suspects were arrested and confessed that they are the one who carried out the act. The suspects said that the ring leader is one Moses Mayer.

They narrated that on the day of the attack they gathered at the commissioner house and eat there before going to GMCS mining site. They further explained that Moses Mayer provided five bag of rice for them to cook.

One of the suspects confessed that Moses Mayer told him that Mohamadi N. Iria is the one who send money through mobile money to Moses Mayer to conduct this act.

One of the key ways for Liberians to benefit more from their resources is for trusted Liberian companies to also participate in the mining sector, reasoning that smacks of President George Manneh Weah’s pledge that “Liberians should not be spectators in the economy.” This would allow Liberians to head corporations, keep capital in the country which encourages more development, create value and empower more Liberians. One of such companies GMCS Mining Incorporated.