Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission Confirms Abu Kamara Caught in Corruption but Promises Restitution


Monrovia- Just days before the by-election of District 15, in Montserrado County to fill the seat left vacant following the death of Representative Adolph Lawrence, one of the candidates in the race has been hit with a massive corruption sting.

Mr. Abu Kamara, running on the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change’s ticket has been hooked by the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) for receiving double salaries and benefits.

This was confirmed Friday by the LACC which established that Mr. Kamara received double salaries while serving as Deputy Managing Director of Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) and from his previous job as Deputy Minister of Post and Telecommunication.

The LACC’s investigative report  shows that Mr. Kamara consented to receiving US$ 8000. 00 and L$200,000 and promised to restitute the amount. But in May of this year Kamara expressed guilt to the allegation by the legal division of the LACC.

The legal division put out a restitution plan in the total amount of US$8,164.70 and L$271,114.74 including an interest of 14 percent accumulated over three months, October-December.

On June 25, 2019 the first payment of US$500.00 was paid by Mr. Kamara and since then no payment has been done.

If he fails to restitute the amount, Mr. Kamara will be charged with theft.

The LACC on Friday confirmed that Kamara was held for defrauding government of the said amount but rectifies that the investigation was not based on political reasons. 

It furthers that the leakage of the report undermines its integrity and credibility of the institution.

The LACC in a statement said an investigation is expected to be conducted and whoever found link to the leakage  will be chastise according to the institution’s act.

It is not known if the National Elections Commission will remove the name of Mr. Kamara as candidate in the upcoming elections.

His contender Telia Urey on social media page commended Mr. Kamara for admitting that he committed the crimes levied against him by LACC and taking the appropriate steps towards restitution. 

“It’s important to note that last month on June 25, he was successful at setting up a payment plan of $500USD per month until he pays back $8,000USD and $200,000LD of taxpayer’s money. These are steps in the right direction.”

Ms. Urey further noted, “In the same light, I would like to admonish Abu to take a bold step forward and do the responsible and honorable thing. He needs to either pay the FULL AMOUNT back to the Liberian people or immediately withdraw from the race.”

Ms. Urey urged Mr. Kamara to attempt to run again in 2023 when he has fully paid back what is due from his “Criminal Acts”. “That $8,000USD and $200,000LD can do a lot for the people of Liberia and the people of District 15. “

Ms. Urey is representing the four opposition political parties in the district.

She says Liberia deserves better. “We can’t keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. This is the only way to change the dark path our country has been on. To the people of District 15, we must condemn and reject these acts. We must also reject him on Election Day, if he insists on staying in the race,” she added.