Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission Clears National Transit Authority MD MCcauley of All Allegations of Financial Impropriety, Corruption


Monrovia — The Liberian Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) has cleared Mr. Herbie Teconbla MCcauley of all allegations of financial impropriety and corruption.

In its clearance to MCcauley dated December 20, 2021, Cllr. Edwin Kla Martin, Executive Chairman, LACC, said, “The Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission is pleased to present its compliments and informs you that it has concluded its investigation into allegations of financial impropriety and corruption involving you and other officials at the National Transit Authority (NTA).”

“We are pleased to inform you that the investigation found no criminal liability on your part as alleged. Therefore, you have been cleared by the investigation on all allegations levied as in the case mentioned supra,” Cllr. Martin said to MCcauley.


Back on December 15, 2021, when Cllr. Martin read findings into a number of investigations that the Commission had concluded, he announced that on 21st July 2021, workers of the National Transit Authority initiated a go-slow protest in Monrovia and made series of allegations against the entity’s Managing Director Herbie MCcauley including the awarding of a contract to a Senegalese company outside of the Public Procurement and Concession Corporation (PPCC) regulations and the alleged illegal scrapping of the company’s buses.

“These allegations among other things found the bases for the investigations. The LACC found that the partnership agreement with Numherit-Liberia LTB has been entirely pre-financed by the company and the NTA has made no payment to company in question. The LACC also noted that the scrapping of the company’s buses was not done in agreement with the General Services Agency though an amount of US$4,000 generated from the scrapping had been placed into legitimate accounts at the United Bank of Africa (UBA).

“The LACC recommends that the partnership between the NTA and Numherit-Liberia be reviewed to ensure consistency with Public Procurement and Concession Commission Regulations; the National Transit Authority should ensure that all future scrapping be fully authorized by the General Services Agency (GSA); the LACC investigations did not establish criminal liability of the part of the Managing Director of the National Transit Authority (NTA) and other members of the senior management,” the LACC had concluded back in December 2021.