Liberia: AME University Alumni Urged to Venture into Entrepreneurship

Emmanuel Tieh Delamy, the president of the African Methodist Episcopal University Alumni Association Speaking at the 2022 Homecoming Program.

Monrovia- Mr. Emmanuel Tieh Delamy, the president of the African Methodist Episcopal University Alumni Association (AMEUAA) has urged his fellow alumni to engage in entrepreneurship, something he says is the way forward for opportunities and development.

Delemy made the call over the weekend when the AMEUAA held its 2022 Homecoming Day program at the school campus on Camp Johnson Road.

The homecoming day celebration is part of the AME University commencement program wherein members of the graduating class are indoctrinated in the alumni association.

Delamy speaking with FrontPage Africa said the theme of this year’s alumni homecoming program is showcasing alumni entrepreneur potential. 

Cornelius Nagbe Poneys, the manager of Snack Shop, the Managing Partner of
Evergreen Enterprise Trading, INC Nemenla Ralph Sonkarlay, the CEO of T.L. Burphy Group of Company Mrs. Jamil K. Burphy, the Managing Partner of AgroRetti Mr. Oliver Rouhana, and the CEO of Liberia Renaissance Construction Company were some of the alumni who shared their experiences of being a successful entrepreneur.

Delamy said the lecture series created the opportunity for alumni of the university who are entrepreneurs to share their business experience. 

AMEUAA president added: “The way they started their businesses that are now flourishing can be a motivation for students who have graduated from the university to start to think about becoming to be an entrepreneur.”

He further noted that the lecture series was good because it helps to enlighten their minds so that they can think about entrepreneurship as the way forward for opportunity and development.”

At the start of the 2022 homecoming event, members of the alumni paraded through some of the streets of Monrovia, something president Delamy says brings back the memories of their days at the university.

Said Delamy: “The grand parade speaks volumes to the spirit that we are being home. The numbers in attendance were very encouraging. We paraded through McDonald Street where we used to go to eat cook-bowl (food). We also pass through the old Central Bank where we used to stop by at that time to get transportation from our senior comrades. So, that spirit of being home and through the streets that we normally used to walk during the four- or five-years period. It was a very interesting thing to see people from 20 years back doing.”

Also, the president of AMEUAA who is also seeking reelection, disclosed that in the coming months the alumni will raise funds to undertake a project from the university.

According to Mr. Delamy, the association within the next six months will do an award ceremony and fundraising to start one of the university’s projects, the Agriculture College in Rossville. It is a US$1.4 million project, and we will be launching the project during the ceremony.”

Mr. Roberts Pyne, a former alumni president praised the current leadership for organizing the homecoming day event and at the same time called for what he termed a united alumni association.

“I am glad to be here and to see this leadership having a well-organized program. We want for all of our alumni to come together, we need to have a united association,” Pyne said.