Liberia: 16-Yr-Old Committed to the Monrovia Central Prison for Allegedly Killing 32-Yr-Old Alpha Gray


Monrovia – The Liberia National Police (LNP) have forwarded Cyrus Logan to the Monrovia Central Prison for reportedly murdering Alpha Gray on January 6, 2023.

The 16-year-old defendant admitted during the police investigation of stabbing Gray behind her neck and later escaped.

By Victoria G Wesseh, Contributing Writer

Following his testimony, Police later charged him with the crime of murder, in violation of Chapter 14, Section 14.1 of the Revised Penal Code of the Republic of Liberia, pending court trial.

It can be recalled that on January 6, 2023 at 11:00 the suspect had gone to the 704 nightclubs in search of commercial sex workers, and later met he met Gray, (FPA couldn’t establish if the deceased was a commercial sex worker) and took her to an unfinished building.

In that process, an argument ensued to the extent that suspect Logan took an instrument believed to be a knife and inflicted multiple wounds on victim Gray, when she bled profusely and became helpless,  he left her unresponsive body in the building and fled.

The victim’s body was discovered the next day by the owner of the building Mr. Kuku Dennis after he was notified by three boys who had gone in the building to smoke.

On January 7, 2023, defendant Cyrus Logan was serving as a conductor on the bus, his Uncle Othello Johnson, saw this (Logan)  and alarmed “rogue” at which point he escaped and was pursued by angry crowd who arrested him (Logan) and turned him over to the LNP.