Liberia: 11-Yr-Old Raped Victim’s Father ‘Threatened’

11-year-old girl who was allegedly sodomized by a Nigerian has been stranded in a local clinic the occurrence of the incident

Monrovia – Since the SOS call by family of 11-year-old Miatta (unreal name), allegedly raped by sodomization by a Nigerian, the family told FrontPageAfrica that they have been receiving calls, which are not helpful. 

They stated that while some of the callers have been good, they described the rest as “bad callers”, who have been asking to know the whereabouts of the child before helping. According to them, other of the bad callers want to know where the child’s father resides and if he will be willing to compromise the case.

“People want to know the whereabouts of my child and others want to know where I stay. I guess they are connected to the Nigerian man and may want to harm the child in order to destroy evidence. Last night (Monday, Jan. 20) by 11:30 p.m. some people called to find out where I live so they could come to see me. Why would they want to see me at that kind of hour, to kill me and destroy evidence? I am scared and confused right now, and do not know what to do,” said the victim’s father.

According to Mr. James Kollie (not his real name) is afraid to show his child’s whereabouts to anybody due to the suspicious calls he has been receiving. Kollie disclosed that since the incident, his child has been taking treatment at a local clinic in Monrovia for about a week and this clinic charges US$25 per day, which he said he can’t afford.   

“I do daily hire, which gives me L$600 (US$3). Where am I going to get that money from to pay the clinic? The women group helping my child has promised to pay for the surgery but first, I have to clear out the clinic bill before it can prepare the document to refer my child to the bigger hospital. I am again calling on kind people to please help me foot the clinic bill, which is US$150 so that my daughter can be relocated for better treatment. Anybody wanting to help can call this number 0886545960/0776189406 or drop the money to FrontPageAfrica’s business office and I will receive it,” said the father. 

Touching on how the incident occurred, he explained that he had sent his daughter to fetch water and the alleged perpetrator, convinced her to go and see his home, for which she consented. 

According to him, when she entered the room of Ifeanyi Henry, a car spare parts dealer, he undressed her and forcefully inserted his penis into her anus. “She told me she cried out loudly when he was raping her but no one heard her voice. It was like he used voodoo to undress and rape my daughter; my daughter is an active kid,” Mr. Kollie said.

According to Miatta’s father, the medical report confirmed that his child’s anus was penetrated and has a massive tear that can no longer hold stool, which has resulted to anal fistula. 

Alleged perpetrator Henry, at his temporary detention last weekend before being transferred to the Monrovia Central Prison, had said it was a set up by the victim’s mother, because both of them had quarreled. But Miatta’s mother denied ever knowing Henry, least to have any quarrel with him.