Judge Rules Finds The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Liable for US$75k Damages in Questionable Land Deal


MONROVIA – The Judge of the Civil Law Court, Yamie Gbeisay, has slapped a US$75,000 on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for damages and wrongful withholding from Joseph V. Gaye.

In a case involving the interstate estate, Gaye filed an action of ejectment against defendant on the reliance of ownership of (2.5) acres of land situated in Oldest Congo Town.

Report by Victoria G. Wesseh, Contributing Writer

On Monday, the court ruled that the unanimous verdict of the trial jury should be confirmed and affirmed.

Court added that defendant is hereby adjudged liable, and the award of US$ 750,000 damages for wrongful withholding of the Joseph V Gaye property is hereby confirmed upheld.

Court also further that under the doctrine of a superior title, when two grantees have the same grantor, the first buyer prevails.

The court added that since Gaye, the plaintiff, established without challenge that he acquired the property in 1962, the court holds that the plaintiff has a superior deed.

The court also ordered the clerk to issue a Writ of Possession and have the same placed in the hand of the sheriff to dispose of the defendant and posse Joseph V Gaye, the plaintiff.

It can be recalled that in   2018, the defendant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint entry and occupancy of a portion of the plaintiff two point five (2.5) acres of land was challenged and demanded to cease all interferences or activities on the subject property by plaintiff administrators, but the defendant failed and refused to do so.