Judge Admonishes Colleagues to Uphold Rule of Law


Monrovia – Criminal Court “D” Resident Circuit Court Judge, Judge Sikajipo Wollor, has admonished his colleagues – lawyers and judges – to uphold the rule of law in the discharge of their duty.

Report by Augustine T. Tweh, [email protected]

Judge Wollor said judges and lawyers are charged with the responsibilities to work in accordance with the rule of law during due process.

He made the statement on Tuesday, May 15, at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia during the mid-term of opening of Courts “A”, “B”, “C”, “D” & “E”, when he delivered the Judges’ Charge.

“Onus is placed on us to legally compose ourselves thru the due process of law. Our judgment during this term of court should base on facts and evidence of the law,” Judge Wollor stated.

Judge Wollor also urged his colleagues presiding during the May Term of Court to be impartial in the dispensation of justices free from political manipulation and bribery so that party litigants can hold them at high esteem.

“Party and lawyers appearing before us should be convinced that our handling of cases, this May Term of Court should be impartial. We are knowledgeable of the law, our judgment in matters before us should be free from political manipulation and free from dollars. Then at the denouncement of the term, party litigants will hold us with high esteem,” he stated.

He appealed to judges to go beyond reproach in handling cases, emphasizing that it is the legal duty of judges assign to courts to be careful and mindful for the avoidance of negative reporting to bring credibility to the profession and the high court.

He said courts in the world are established to find a solution to conflict or disputes for the well-being of society, noting that in every country, citizens are cognizant of the judicial system as a viable tool for solving dispute and the attainment of justice.

“Providing access to justice should be our binding duty whether being a citizen or not, once it is within our border, we are duty bound to provide those means. So, we who are privileged to handle the affairs of these must be guarded by that cardinal principle. Peace in our country should be our concern and is indispensable to humanity,” he declared.

At the same time, Judge Wollor frown on the low salary structure of legal practitioners (Lawyers, Judges), adding that judges who obtain the minimum of two degrees are struggling for better salaries and pension scheme.

“Cllr. Sherman proposed bill for the consideration of justices as well as judges serving the judiciary to be retired with benefit is in the right direction in that, most of the African countries if not all, when judicial officials are retired, they are retired with their benefits and Liberia should not be an exception,” Judge Wollor added.

He also recommended that Judges’ suspension is reduced to six months instead of a year.