‘I’m not into any Proxy Fight’: Sen. Nuquay Denies Anointing Aspirants in Margibi County ahead of 2023


MARGIBI COUNTY – Senator Emmanuel Nuquay has made it clear he’s not into a proxy political fight with anyone in Margibi County and wants those seeking elective positions in 2023 to focus on their campaign rather than attacking him.

The Margibi county senator noted that people are falling at odds with him for his development initiatives across the county, something they see as factors that would outshine their political relevance to the people.

“There are speculations that I have convinced someone to contest against his wife, which is untrue. The reason why I am being attacked is because I continue to work in the interest of the people who elected me senator,” Nuquay told a group of women in electoral District Three in Margibi County.

“If you’re contesting as representative and senator, continue to run your campaign and forget about using my name. In 2020 when I was contesting as Senator of Margibi County there were people who opposed me, did you hear me complaining? No! I focused on convincing the electorates to vote for me rather than responding to those who were on the radio castigating me.”

Senator Nuquay, who contested as running mate to Unity Party standard bearer Joseph Boakai in 2017 but lost in his native Margibi County seemingly due to perceptions against him that he would witch-hunt leaders of the county when elected vice president, said he doesn’t desire to repeat the instances that led to his dismal failure in the county, saying that doing so would breed disharmony amongst stakeholders and supporters of the county.

Senator Nuquay said his stance is intended to maintain the relationship he has been able to mend over the years, adding that his support behind specific individuals would disintegrate the unity he enjoys while working with everyone from across the divide.

Senator Nuquay told residents of Margibi County the process should be left opened void of his influence so as to allow the electorates make the determination regarding who leads them. “It’s better for the people to decide their leader,” Sen. Nuquay said.

Against this backdrop, the People’s Unification Party (PUP) Senator is encouraging his supporters and friends to decide their leaders ahead of 2023 presidential and legislative elections.

It can be recalled, Senator Nuquay supported several individuals in 2017 for legislative positions in the county, some of whom won and lost. This time, political pundits observed, the PUP lawmaker, once again, many are looking up to him for financial and moral support, something the senator has reportedly reneged on doing.