Fubbi Henries: “Stop Mixing Football with Politics”


MONROVIA – Fubbi Henries of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) has warned the Liberia Football Association take politics out of football.

Fubbi accused officials of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) current district tournament of having a political undertone.

The LFA public relations manager, Danecius Marteh, promised to speak to the issue over the weekend upon discussing same with his technical director.

Fubbi told FrontPageAfrica that politicians, mainly district lawmakers from the ruling CDC are using the tournament to score political grades.

He was specific about District #9 team using the district Representative Frank Saah Foko home as dressing ground, there are lots of other residents in the district who are not politicians can host the team said.

“If the lawmakers or other politicians start to possess the team how do you expect others who don’t support their (politicians) political interest will contribute towards the team or cheer the team to victory, at the end of the day only people who support those lawmakers or politicians will alway be around the teams,” he noted.

He alleged that the LFA wrote various lawmakers in every district to manage the district teams, something the ANC supporter described as “unacceptable”.

“This is completely unacceptable. They might have an intent for doing that why should you wrote district representatives to take care of the teams when there are people who are none politicians living in the district that can play the same role, the LFA action is political,” he said.

He wants LFA, being the head of sports in Liberia, to emulate the examples of FIFA in handling sporting activities in the country.

There are people responsible for sports at that very LFA, they need to take charge and let the LFA create sub branches that will handle such tournament. The LFA should stop implementing the political side of government and stop the pretense.

Commenting specifically on District #9, Henries said it will be difficult for opposition figures within the district and those who do not believe in the ideology of the CDC to contribute to the teams when the team is being managed by the district representative.

“If the team is being managed by the district representatives how do you expect me or others who do not believe in the workings and ideology of politicians to support the teams.

He, however, frowned on District 9 lawmaker Frank Saah Foko for allowing the district team to use his (Rep. Foko)home as dressing ground and other activities.

But Representative Foko reacting to his rival Fubbi Henries made it clear that the team belongs to the district and anyone who see it necessary can takeover the team.

“If Fubbi wants to takeover the team he can come and take over, I will still go there, if even he takes the team to dress in his living room I will still go see the team because they are my people,” Representative Foko noted