Family of the Late Captain James Kollie of Liberia Immigration Service Cries Out for Justice


Monrovia- The family of the late Captain James Kollie of the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) has called for a speedy investigation in the cause of death of their brother who passed away on January 10, 2022 while on duty at the Beyan Town detachment in Lofa County.

The late James Y. Kollie, former commander of the Beyan Town check point in Lofa died on Wednesday, January 10 while on duty.

Family members said when they took his body to the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital, doctors discovered that a needle was inserted in his lover abdomen. 

“To establish cause of death, we took our brother to JFK hospital where the doctor on shift discovered an injection needle was found inserted below his lower stomach,” said Pastor Daniel Kollie, brother of deceased.

Pastor Kollie said the story from their brother’s co-workers and the John F. Kennedy Hospital’s medical report on how he died was not satisfactory to them, adding that they sensed that there was a foul play.

According him, on Monday, when the family got the call of the sudden death of their son and brother, without any delay; they proceeded via a charter car to Beyan Town.

He said they have since written the LIS and the Liberia National Police for a speedy investigation.

“The family members, both in Liberia and abroad are calling on the Government are demanding justice, and in the process calling for an investigation into the demise of the LIS’ senior officer while on duty,” he said.