Embassy Tree Makes LD$ 125k Intervention for Stranded Patients at JFK


Monrovia – A group of young professionals under the banner “The Embassy” last Friday released several stranded mothers in the maternity wards at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital. The gesture by the organization is one of the pivotal pillars for which it was established.

 On Friday ‘The Embassy Tree’ made financial intervention of L$125K to facilitate the discharge of several patients who were stranded for financial reasons. The amount was able to released patients with hospitals arrears ranging from L$5k to L$60k.

Mr. Dave Earley “custodian” (Ceremonial head) for the month of February earmarked the project as his signature project. Mr. Earley rallied his colleagues and others support to raise the amount. The gesture is the biggest so far since the establishment of the group.

 It is considered by the custodian as the most impactful intervention. According to him, the reactions from beneficiaries made him and his colleagues want to do more. “The tearing eyes of young baby mothers who had no hope of how they will settle their financial obligation to be discharged by the hospital had me feeling the need to do more.”

Recipients were in disbelief and shed tears in reaction to the gesture as they thanked the Embassy Tree for the intervention.

Prior to the Embassy Tree’s intervention, the organization has made several humanitarian interventions at orphanages, police stations, community engagement with kids in communities surrounding the Embassy Tree.

Founded April 17, 2020 on the GSA Road, Paynesville, Liberia, The EMBASSY TREE is an organization comprising a conglomeration of young men from diverse professional backgrounds. These professionals took solace in meeting at a local café during the lockdown era of COVID-19 in Liberia. The EMBASSY TREE meets in official sittings on a bi-monthly basis. It is headed by a Custodian who is elected every one month to steer the affairs of the organization. The Custodian is vested with the power to appoint.