Deputy Press Secretary Reveals Plans to Reform Executive Mansion Press Corps


Monrovia – Deputy Presidential Press Secretary Smith Toby has announced plans by the office of the President to reform the Executive Mansion Press Corps to corporate status.

“Some people think that when you are a journalist, you are only restricted to jeans trousers and T-Shirt. If all other auxiliaries of the PUL will decide to do their reporters like that, the Executive Mansion will not accept our reporters to be like that,” Toby told Executive Mansion reporters during their elections over the weekend. 

“Like people dressed in the morning and get to the banks in their corporates uniforms, we want to see Executive Mansion reporters in corporate uniform following the president. You can’t be working for the highest office in the land and think that your entire life will be jean trousers and sneaker.”

Currently, according to him, the Office of the Chief of Protocols is working out modalities with the press office to reform Executive Mansion Reporters to a corporate shape.

Toby noted that the Chief of Protocol hopes that members of the Emansion Press Corps approach in the New Year would be cordial with his office. 

However, he noted that covering the Executive Mansion will be more challenging in 2020 due to other institutional reforms that are expected to take place at the press bureau.

“We know it has not been easy for the reporters assigned at the Executive Mansion, you have had welfare issue, you’ve come to our office to complain about issues with security and we have managed to look around some of those issues,” he said.

He expressed delight in the performance of Executive Mansion reporters over the year and promised to ensure a better working atmosphere this year. 

“Running round the terrain of the presidency is a very difficult and harsh place to work, but we are very happy about your work in the last leadership. On behalf of Madam Bondo, I want to commend all of you because you have demonstrated to be unique and as one of the best auxiliaries under the Press Union of Liberia.”

He was speaking during the elections of new corps of officers of the Executive Mansion Press Corps, held at the Press Union of Liberia Headquarters in Monrovia.

Those elected include, Dennise Nimpson of Joy FM as Chairperson, Romeo Toe of Clar TV as Co-chair, Varflay Kamara of ELBC as Secretary General, Alvin Worzi of Daily Observers as Assistant Secretary and Anthony Jiffan of The Analyst Newspaper as Financial Secretary. 

Mr. Toby promised to ensure that the new leadership of the E-Mansion Press Corps has an improved working relationship with the office of the president in the New Year.

He has also assured them of having a face-to-face acquaintance with President George Weah. 

Outgoing Chairman Samukai Dukuly complained that the reporters have never had the chance to meet with President Weah for two years.