Controversial Online Talk Show Host Prophet Key Cancels Visit to Liberia over Security Concerns


Gbarnga – Exiled Liberian online talk-show host,  Nayabouqua Oldpa Yeazeahn, alias Prophet Key, has canceled his planned trip to Liberia over ‘security concerns.

Prophet Key, an ardent critic of Liberian President George Weah, had planned to return home on July 26 to embark on his 2023 senatorial quest in his native Nimba County.

But in a July 11 press release, the Free Position Movement, a group supporting Prophet Key’s Senate ambition, said they have advised their leader to cancel his trip “due to an intelligence they had received from a high-profile government official that President Weah had planned to arrest him upon his arrival.”

“Information we have received is that President Weah has mandated the National Security Agency (NSA) authority to arrest the living body of Prophet Key, torture him, and charge him with subversion of a nation,” the Free Position Movement said.

“This is a crime punishable by death or life in prison without the possibility of parole.”

“Prior to leaving for his wedding in Ivory Coast, he had a consultation with a Stanford-trained immigration, criminal, human rights, and civil rights attorney from the United States. He thoroughly examined his case and concluded that the Liberian government lacked substantial evidence and could not prove beyond reasonable doubt regarding potential prosecution.”

The Free Position Movement Prophet Key’s constant criticisms of the Weah-led government was legal and constitutionally permissible under the Liberian Constitution. 

“The attorney unequivocally condemned the government’s actions by characterizing them as human rights violators and attacks on freedom of speech and civil liberties.”

Given the current political climate, the Free Position Movement said it’s disappointing but not surprising that the opposition is divided and that a few individuals are focusing on their personal interests rather than working on behalf of ordinary Liberians. 

An official of the Free Position Movement, the group said, has reached out to opposition leaders numerous times concerning Prophet Key’s security while in Liberia but unfortunately, there hasn’t been any progress. 

“For this reason, with legal advice from our attorney in the United States, the Free Position Executive Committee voted unanimously to put a stop to his trip.”

“According to one of our officials, we cannot risk Prophet key’s life to please people who will not be there to fight on his behalf when the government illegally apprehends him.”

“The supreme leader/his holiness was eager to arrive in Liberia to campaign against notorious and criminal Prince Y. Johnson. However, if his safety remains questionable, we deem it necessary to postpone his trip until later. Regardless of these changes, Prophet Key will always continue to sit behind his phone and expose corruption embedded in the Weah regime, and hold corrupt leaders accountable for deliberately attacking innocent people and undermining institutions that benefit the people.”

It remains a doubt whether Prophet Key will contest for the Senate despite the end of Weah’s tenure in 2023.