Clergyman Calls for Strengthening of Israeli, Liberia Friendship


Monrovia –  A visiting American-Israeli Clergyman, Elder Don Esposito has called for the rekindling of the cordial relationship that once existed between Liberia and Israel.

Elder Don Esposito serves as a Religious Advisor to the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Founder and President of the Ha‘YACHAD School for Advanced Bible Studies in Israel.

He made the assertions at a news conference in Monrovia on Wednesday, July 17. He is currently on a two-day visit to Liberia to meet with members of the Liberian United for Israel (LUFI). 

He said Liberia played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Israeli State in 1948 when it broke the tie of the votes at the United Nations to determine whether Israel should be an independent state or not.

From that point, he noted that the two countries were closed allies and Liberia became blessed until the collapse of the relationship which was followed by years of turmoil.

Elder Esposito said: “Genesis 12:3 said I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you. And I believe by Liberia voting for Israel gives great blessings to this nation. And there was a connection there, there was unity and they were working together in those early days. And two different political situations in the 70s that changed for a time. And I believe to a degree that blessing was lost when the connection with Israel was lost.”

According to him, LUFI was founded two years ago in Liberia and comprises of several Liberian clergymen and congregations. It is aimed at strengthening the once cherished relationship that existed between Liberia and Israel.

Through LUFI, he noted, Liberian religious leaders will be invited to Israel to visit some historical and Biblical sites as a means of promoting a cordial relation and strengthening their faith.

He stressed the importance of believers of the Bible to support Israel’s existence because it is part of an end-time prophecy.

When asked by a reporter whether the organization will also seek a possible end to the Israeli – Palestinian conflict, the clergyman termed the conflict as something that is more spiritual than political.

According to him, the conflict has lasted for over 3,000 years and no political government has been able to resolve it.

Although he said the conflict cannot be resolved, pragmatic steps can be taken to address some of the contentious issues to ease the tension.

“If the political government of the world has not been able to bring peace between the Palestinians and the Jews for three thousand years than don’t think that we are going to do that. That is something that is political and even passes that. To be honest, I think it’s a spiritual problem more than a political problem,” he averred.

Also speaking, Bishop Isaac Winker of the Dominion Christian Fellowship, who is serving as the host, thanked his counterpart for coming to the country to share the Gospel.

He noted that Elder Don Esposito’s vivid description of the important role that Liberia played in the establishment of Israel to become a sovereign nation makes Liberia a part of the Bible’s prophecy.