BRAC Liberia Strengthens Government Efforts to Combat Covid-19

BRAC Liberia Country Director Idrissa Bernard Kamara along with the National Coordinator of the COVID-19 Response Unit Madam Mary T. Broh at the GSA Compound During the Donation of Assorted Items

Monrovia – As a part of efforts aimed at strengthening the fight against the deadly Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)-Cov-II, a non-governmental organization, BRAC Liberia has donated disinfectants along with protective gears to the Government of Liberia through the National Response Center of COVID-19.

Report by J. H. Webster Clayeh, [email protected]

Speaking at the General Service Agency (GSA) on UN Drive in Monrovia, Friday, April 24, BRAC Liberia Country Director Idrissa Bernard Kamara praised the National Response Coordinator on COVID-19, Madam Mary T. Broh, for the level of work done in coordinating the national Coronavirus response center.

“Madam Broh, I wish I could have shaken your hand but I cannot. I am not happy to be here, but at the same time, I am happy that BRAC Liberia can give its contribution to the COVID-19 response team. We have not been able to present these items (donation) to no other person than Madam Mary Broh, given your exquisite history in Liberia,” BRAC Country Director said.

BRAC Liberia has been operating in the country since 2008. The organization is involved in Micro Finance and Social Development in 10 of Liberia’s 15 counties.

Despite BRAC Liberia has been helping in such areas, in the case of the Coronavirus pandemic, Mr. Kamara says: “We got on our toes to be part of the process.”

Among the assorted items donated were rain boots, which the donor said are useful in the area of contact tracing, especially as the country is already in the Rainy Season.

Mr. Kamara added: “We cannot survive without these items. Again, we are here to make this simple but important donation to the Government of Liberia. We have 200 pairs of rain boots that we think will be very, very much needed for contact tracing.

“We also have 350 boxes of klin powder soap and 700 cartoons of bar soap. These are all part of what is needed in the IPC (Infection Prevention Control) aspect of the COVID-19 response. We cannot survive without these items.” 

Mr. Kamara continued: “I wish I could have disclosed the cost of these items but you have to know that it is a substantial amount of money that BRAC Liberia has spent to procure them.”

In addition to the donation, the Country Director of BRAC Liberia said his institution over the past weeks has been carrying on Coronavirus sensitization and awareness campaigns in several communities in Montserrado, Margibi and Bomi Counties.

“I think the COVID-19 response is now picking up constructively but still there are gaps. People have not fully understood the gravity of the virus. BRAC Liberia has done a lot in terms of engaging communities on awareness campaign. We have done radio programs to expand our response to the different communities,” he added.

In response, the Head of the General Services Agency and National Coordinator of the COVID-19 Response Unit, Madam Broh thanked BRAC Liberia for the “good work” that they had done and continue to do for the people of Liberia.

“Contact tracing is very important to this COVID-19 response. In the fight against this virus, we need those boots; we need those soaps to wash our hands. 

“Thank you for thinking about us and believing in me to come and deliver these items and what you want us to use this thing for will be used for the intended purpose.

“We are here to make sure that we contain, prevent, and we will also fight this virus,” the National Coordinator of the COVID-19 Response Unit said.