Alfalit Liberia Puts Smiles on Women’s Faces


Monrovia – Alfalit Liberia has praised the Women in Peacebuilding Network (WIPNET) for their immense contribution to the peace Liberia enjoys more than 16 years after the end of its civil war in 2003.

“We cannot pay you for the work you have done for Liberia. The peace that we all enjoy today, if we say we will pay WIPNET women, we do not have pay for you,” Evelyn K. Seagbeh, Alfalit Communications Director said.

Alfalit International Liberia is an affiliate of Alfalit International based in Miami, Florida, the United States of America. 

It provides community and human development services. The organization teaches illiterate youths and adults to read, write and do simple mathematics. 

The Communications Director of Alfalit Liberia made the remark over the weekend when the organization donated 2,000 bags of rice, 333 cartoons of argo oil, 83 cartoons of beans, 100 cartoons of vita cube and six bales of lappas to 2,000 WIPNET women in all of its 26 branches in seven counties.

According to Mrs. Seagbeh, Alfalit’s yearly contribution to WIPNET is to appreciate them for their contribution to peace. She also terms WIPNET women as their mothers adding that they need to be supported.

She further said the contribution to WIPNET started three years back; adding that adult illiteracy program and micro-loan are some of the contributions that have been given to the organization.

The formation of Alfalit International Liberia dates far back to 2005 when the former Bishop of the United Methodist in Liberia, the Reverend John G. Innis engaged the President of Alfalit International then, Rev. Roberto Perez in Washington DC with an appeal to extend Alfalit Literacy Program to Liberia to help redeem Liberians from the dungeons of illiteracy.

Also speaking, WIPNET Acting National Coordinator Philip Kollie praised Alfalit Liberia for their gesture especially at this time of economic hardship in the country.

“By seeing this donation today, the smiles on our women’s faces tell you (Alfalit) that they are happy,” Kollie said. 

The beneficiaries praised Alfalit Liberia for helping them through the adult and youths’ literacy program and the micro-loan.

Ma Farma Jabah, a beneficiary said, “We say thank you to Alfalit. Let God bless them. Every year they can put clothes on us. So, I thank them for bringing this food for us today.”

Roline Kollie, another beneficiary stated: “I just want to appreciate Alfalit for the goodness they continue to do in our lives, because many people cannot do this for us.”

“Alfalit always puts clothes on us. When you see the lappas on us – that’s Alfalit. When you see us carrying bags of rice – that’s Alfalit. So, we tell Alfalit a big thank you. Let God multiply their blessing,” Kollie said. 

WIPNET was launched in November 2001 with the aim at building the capacity of women to enhance their roles in peacebuilding and post-conflict reconstruction in West Africa.