Women Group Laments Ellen Failure to Make FGM Punishable by Law


Monrovia – Elected as African first female president, there were many bliss on the faces of women and young girls on grounds that she will target harmful traditional practices and abuse of women and young girls.

Report by Bettie K. Johnson Mbayo, [email protected] 

With the Ministry of Gender and regulatory authorities, there were some measure to prohibit and reduce the increase of rape and violence against women cases.

According to the Gender Ministry, there is dangling number of rape cases, as persistent non-support, Domestic violence and Female Genital Mutilation still on the increase in the country.

Something that a woman against Female Genital mutilation says they are disappointed because the 12 years of leadership excluded issues that are affecting them.

Maima Robinson, head of the organization says female circumcision has not claim the attention of the out-going government.

“We are frustrated that the 12 year leadership of President Sirleaf, we still have female been circumcise without their consent.”

She spoke at a program in collaboration with UNMIL on the theme “Strengthen ties to proffer FGM”  

Robinson says it is gear toward building a strong tie to make FGM punishable by law.

“Female circumcisions hasn’t been abolished but are actively being practiced in almost all counties and it is disheartening.”

“We are doing all we can to build a strong alliance with relative organizations and concern group so that we can come up with an FGM bill so that the newly legislators can focus on it and pass it as law.”

“The government hasn’t given any credence to our bill and the DVA 16.21L that speaks about consent was removed and the bill was passed.”

“FGM has not being given credence and we want to go with something solid because the outgoing government didn’t pay much attention to FGM and President Sirleaf promised that the practice was going to be prohibited.”

“Our aim is to be sure that the FGM bill is passed and there is measure to punish anyone who gets involve. So we want be sure that as soon as the new government takes office we will have something to give them.”