19-Yr-Old Liberian Encourages Use of Natural Hair


Monrovia – 19-year-old Leticia Gibson is said to be the youngest female entrepreneur now in Liberia. She has opened her natural hair beauty salon named Dele, in Monrovia.

Report by Bettie K. Johnson-Mbayo, [email protected]

Ms. Gibson is pushing the case for women to prioritize showing their natural hair instead of artificial hair.

She said she’s passionate about entrepreneurship and wants youngsters to do the same; adding: “If we go into providing jobs for people, the public sector wouldn’t have the burden like now.”

She continued, “I want to see young women with natural hair and young women with the desire to transition to natural hair.”

Ms. Gibson, a business student at United Methodist University, further said that she expects to see young women in the natural hair community have zero problem struggles with their hairs.

“I expect to see young women love and embrace their natural hair because they’ll have a solution to their struggles. I want to see young women loving and owning their natural hair because it’s their hair and roots.”

Dele’s natural hair clinic, according to her, will help young women go natural, stay natural and embrace their natural hair, by providing the variety of services at affordable prices with top-notch customer service

“Every struggle that young women are having with their natural hair could be solved here with the right products instead of thinking we have to go outside of Liberia to solve our natural hair problems,” she emphasized.

A colleague of Ms. Gibson, Cecelia Dahn, who is wearing natural hair, said she spent a lot on artificial hair but has changed to natural due to her husband’s recommendation.

“I now wear them first for myself, to feel clean, and also for my husband,” she said. “You know a woman’s beauty lies in her hair and her husband needs to find her beautiful in it,” she added.

Women all around the world, especially in Africa, spend billions of United States dollars to buy and maintain artificial hairs. The hairs can be woven into their own natural hair to increase its length and make appearance better.

Migrating to natural hair could save themselves and their husbands billions.