Liberia: Rep. Boley Denies Killing Fellow Lawmaker’s Family Members during Liberia’s Civil Conflict


Capitol Hill, Monrovia – Representative George E. S. Boley (District #2, Grand Gedeh County) has termed as ‘blatant and reckless’ allegation made against him by Representative Dixon Wlawlee Sebo of Montserrado County District #16 that he murdered his family members during Liberia’s deadly civil conflict.

On Thursday, March 25, Rep. Boley, while speaking on the floor, was confronted by Rep. Sebo, who became emotional and pointing at Rep. Boley, repeatedly said: “This man killed my family members. He needs to face the war crimes Court.”

But responding to the allegation during a press conference at his office on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, Rep. Boley said his colleague is a ‘pathological liar’ and the allegation made against him is entirely untrue.

“This blatant lie and reckless allegation by Rep. Sebo was amplified by FrontPage Africa news organization. I have been a victim of similar lies and those culpable of these criminal acts, including Rep. Dixon Sebo, are walking around lies,” he debunked.

“I am stating categorically that Rep. Dixon Sebo is a pathological liar… There is not an iota of truth to this accusation by Rep. Sebo. Three years ago, Rep. Sebo made similar statement and claims. I ignored him then.”

According to him, Rep. Sebo has refused to produce any evidence regarding the ‘wild’ allegation, adding that his colleagues “continues to live in a state of illusion, peddling and thriving on gossips, innuendoes, hearsay and outrights lies.”

He said: Rep. Sebo claims his family members were killed in Sinoe. I was never in Sinoe through the entire war years. I was never in New Kru Town in Monrovia, did not kill anybody in Liberia during the war and I did not kill and family member of Rep. Sebo nor did I order or direct anyone to kill any member of Rep. Sebo’s family.

‘TRC Report A Complete Rubbish’

Rep. Boley is well known for his role in the Liberian civil conflict as founder of the Liberia Peace Council (LPC), one of the fiercest rebel factions during the first Liberian civil war from 1989 to 1997.

The LPC committed 10 percent of the total violations committed during the 14-year long civil conflict, according to the Liberia’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).

The TRC documented in its final report that the LPC, which was situated in South-eastern Liberia, committed 16,708 violations including forced displacement, killing, forced labor, abduction, gang rape and looting, among others.

But Rep. Boley, asked about his response to the report said, the TRC’s report is a rubbish and not evidence based, and does not regret his action during the war.

“The TRC report is no evidence. The TRC report you are quoting all around here is an absolute rubbish… I regret nothing during the civil war. If I hadn’t been alive and done what I did during the civil war, someone like you and someone like Dixon Sebo wouldn’t be alive today.”