Liberia: A humble Plea to Our Lawmakers


The Editor,

If  the principles of being an administrator where accountability is the hallmark of that which is administered is not fully adhered to than you can not demand from those you govern to be accountable…
….if our Law Makers believe that their coming into public office for which they now see themselves as senior class citizen was purely through the Constitution of this Republic of Liberia then I challenge them to be grateful to it and protect its sanity…for doing so will show what  ” PATRIOTS” they are.

An issue of missing money engulfed the nation few months ago and today still lingers on. A part of such investigation was pronounced by national government that the cry or saying that money was missing was not true and that said money was accounted for….The people of Liberia believed that pronouncement by its national government. Today the PEOPLE OF LIBERIA is now requesting national government to make the ” NOT MISSING MONEY” available to rescue the failing economy and resuscitate the happy livelihood of them….is this a crime to ask the national government to do just that?

To our Law Makers, whom we stood in the rain and in the sun to say to them ” You are the ones we want to represent our best interest and make us all as a people a proud nation amongst our friends…are you going to turned your backs on us?
Do you not have that INTEGRITY anymore that you brought to us when you needed us?.

Are we like crawling animals to you?
Are we like demons in your head?
Are we like nonentity to you?

Are you now gods?
Will you not not need us again?

” A time in a position is a time on a clock that will come and go for another day to begin”

Be wise,
Show your integrity
Love your family
Love your people
Love your country…

Kenneth Yao Awadjie
[email protected]