Liberia: Trio Accused of Stealing Firearms, Money from President’s Protective Guards


Monrovia – The Liberia National Police have charged and forwarded to court three persons for allegedly stealing firearms and other items from an officer of the Executive Protection Services, Alfred B. Flomo.

The defendant Beauty Dumor alias “Beauty”, Omentus K. Mentee, and Christina Zleh were arrested and acquainted with their constitutional rights and charged with Criminal Facilitation, Criminal Conspiracy, and Theft of Property in violation of Chapters 10 and 15, Section 10.2 Section 10.4 and Section 15.51 of the Revised Penal Code of Republic of Liberia.

By: Willie N. Tokpah

According to the LNP, the investigation conducted that Dumor voluntarily admitted to the commission of the crime and told the investigation that she stole the victim’s assigned NP-22 pistol marked EPS-95 with the victim’s phones, and cash and would later share those items with suspects Mentee and Zleh.

The investigation also established that the suspects planned and used Suspect Beauty to steal the victim’s assigned NP-pistol and other properties including cash.

The investigation revealed the statements were obtained from the victim and suspects as well as photographs were taken as part of the investigation formalities.

During the police findings, on October 11, the CSD Charge of Quarter turned over a case of Theft of Property to the Special Investigation Team (SIT) in which Special Agent Flomo reported that Suspect Dumor had stolen his assigned pistol and other properties.

The investigators suspected that the crimes did occur and eyewitnesses who were on the scene confirmed that they heard victim Flomo’s alarm that suspect Dumor had stolen his assigned pistol.

The police findings maintained that suspect Dumor voluntarily admitted to the commission of the crimes and told the investigation that she left the victim sleeping and stole the Pistol along with his cell phones.

Suspect Dumor told the investigators that suspect Mentee told her to steal the items Flomo had with him that night, at which time she carried the items and divided them with Mentee and Zleh.

The findings added that suspect Dumor told the investigation that suspect Zleh received one of the phones with US$20 and Mentee took the NP-Pistol with US$ 20 as their share of the stolen properties including cash.

The suspects have however been sent to prison, pending court trial.