Liberia Poised To Be Declared Covid-19 Free


MONROVIA – The Minister of Health Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah has disclosed that the cases of COVID-19 in Liberia have drastically reduced across the country.

Report by M. Dennise Nimpson, Contributing Writer

According to her, the World Health Organization (WHO) projected the end of June as a benchmark for countries to reach the 70-percent, and Liberia is on the verge of achieving such.

The Health Minister said the country is now 54 percent toward achieving being COVID-19-free because it is almost at the June benchmark set by the WHO which is 70 percent.

According to her, the point at which Liberia has reached is good news, noting that despite the WHO target, Liberia has reached the Ministry of Health benchmark of 70 percent.

“COVID-19 cases are very, very low in Liberia by the WHO target which they set as 70 percent for the end of June, we are at 54 percent so it is a good news, but for our own target we are at 70 percent,” she said.

Dr. Jallah said Liberia, within the next two weeks would reach the WHO target of 70 percent.

The Health Minister noted that three counties have already reached the 70-percent and they are doing everything possible to ensure Liberia is Save and the majority are vaccinated.

Dr. Jallah made the disclosure on Monday, July 4, 2022, when the government of Liberia and World Bank signed the second additional financing for the COVID-19 Emergency Response Project to the tune of US$ 9 million, of which US$6.2-million is in grant and UD$2.8 is IDA credit.

Minister Jallah said the financing agreement argued Liberia’s emergency and preparedness to scale up to two components.

“The deployment of additional vaccines to help vaccinate 70 percent of the Liberian population, including all people over 12 years of age, and strengthening vaccination systems and preparedness and responsive activities” she added