Liberians Demonstrate in Solidarity with Bank Employee


Monrovia – Some protesters under the banner “Concerned citizens for Justice and against Intimidation” on Tuesday, January 8, 2019 stormed the head office of Guarantee Trust (GT) Bank on 13th Street, Sinkor to demand justice for Edward Freeman, one of the bank’s employees.

Report by J.H. Webster Clayeh 00231770745986 [email protected]

Freeman, in August 2018 was allegedly assaulted by GT Bank Managing Director Ayodeji Bejide, Managing Director during working hours.

According to police charge sheet, Freeman was hit by a calculator by the former Bank Managing Director of GT, causing a serious injuring on his (Freeman) mouth.

Although the case was taking to court, the former GT Bank Managing Director was released on medical bill. Since then, Bejide has left the country though yet to be tried.

With battle cry and slogans, protesters in separate tones called on the GT Bank to bring him back to face justice in Liberia.

Armah Koseboy Ndebe, one of the protesters said, “We do not know him in person but we are conscious minded citizens who want to see justice for Nelson Freeman.”

“If they do not settle this man, I am telling you that we will close all of our accounts with the bank,” he said.

Ndebe added, “We want for the GT Bank to take responsibility because we have learned that the GT Bank Managing Director is not in the country.”

According to the protesters, they will continue their protest until they can get redress from the bank.

Ndebe asserted: “The evidence is clear; we saw it on the social media, the guy (Freeman) bled profusely. So, we are saying settle the guy or else we will remain unbending to ensure that Edward receives justice.”

Eunice Y. Massaquo, the only female among the protestors said, “I hate injustice too bad. I do not know him; I have not seen him before but I want him to be served justice.”

“Today is Edward Freeman, tomorrow who knows it maybe Puka Roberts. Day after tomorrow it may be you and we do want to continue this act; we want it to get end.”

Roberts added that they will continue their protest to the court because the court is responsible for what he terms as the “escape of the former GT Bank Managing Director”.

“For now, we are starting from here when no results, we will go to the court because it was the court that allowed the perpetrator to escape from the country,” Roberts said.FrontPageAfrica was unable to talk to the bank’s management. One employee who refused to call his name said the Public Relation Office was in a day-long meeting outside of the bank and would not be available to speak to the press.