Liberia: Taa Wongbe to Contest Nimba Senatorial Seat as Independent Candidate


MONROVIA – Mr. Taa Wongbe may have given up appearing on the ticket of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) for the senatorial race in Nimba, but he certainly did not take his eyes off the race – he would contest as an independent candidate.

Over the weekend, Wongbe’s ANC abandoned its quest to seek a rerun of the September 6 primary in Nimba which the ANC believes was marred by flaws, fraud and violence, therefore, rendering the outcome invalid.

In that primary, Madam Edith Gongloe Weh reportedly earned 127 votes against Wongbe who reportedly got only six votes.

In a statement, the ANC had said, “The ANC believes in fair and honest dealing, and cannot lend credence to a process which conduct was a complete opposite of what the ANC stands for. It is unfortunate for anyone to expect the ANC to accept the results of a process our candidate and delegates did not participate in for fear of their lives or where bloodshed and violence was involved. If we must be an alternative to what we wish to change, we must do things differently in the interest of the people.

“The ANC remains committed to the CPP but will not participate in the usual “short-cut” way of doing things in Liberian politics. We have made several compromises in the interest of keeping the CPP together but will not compromise on our values as an institution. ANC is calling on other constituent parties in the CPP to be ready to accept change, if we are serious to change Liberia. Our promises to the Liberian people cannot and must not be lip-service; we must be what we are promising.”

However, in a turn-around statement, the ANC political leader, Mr. Alexander Cummings said he is more concerned about saving Liberia and keeping the CPP together in order to focus its energy on the real issues confronting the country.

Cummings: “There comes a time when leaders must make sacrifices, devoid of selfish political motives, for the common good of a country and people. I recognize that this is not an ideal situation and is tough. However, we must make compromises to keep the CPP together and strong. I am therefore grateful that Taa Wongbe of the ANC has agreed with me and consented to put Liberia above ourselves and make the sacrifice while he makes decisions on his next steps.  Under this circumstance, I, Alexander B. Cummings, have agreed to let Edith Gongloe represent the CPP in Nimba. This will ensure that we have candidates in each of our 15 counties in the upcoming elections, that the CPP and especially ANC is committed to women empowerment and increase of female representation.”

He added: “Under the circumstances, it may be logical to split the biblical baby as in King Solomon’s days – to allow each of the candidates (Taa Wongbe and Edith Gongloe-Weh) to freely contest as independent candidates if they choose. And that choice is theirs to make”.

While the ANC and Mr. Cummings received several commendations for putting the interest of the CPP ahead of the ANC’s interest for the sake of fostering unity in the CPP, Mr. Wongbe was on Monday seen displaying his candidature certificate on Facebook.

Accordingly, Wongbe would contest as an independent candidate – something that could weaken the strength of the CPP in the Nimba during the senatorial election.