Liberia: Police Investigates Random Shooting Near Ruling Party Headquarters Leading to Head Injury of NTA Bus Driver


MONROVIA – The Liberia National Police says they are investigating the shooting of National Transit Authority bus conductor who is said to be in a critical condition at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Medical Center.

According to reports, the bus driver identified as Jessy Bartuah, sustained a severe bullet wound on his head while in the bus near the headquarters of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) in Congo Town.

Police Spokesman, Moses Carter told OK FM, a local radio station, that the incident occurred during the arrival of the CDC national chairman, Mulbah Morlu from the United States. He said the police is investigating the matter and would bring the perpetrator to justice.

According to reports, the victim’s family has been informed that he would not be mentally sound should he survive the bullet wound in his head.

FrontPageAfrica has not been to be independently verify this claim.

Meanwhile, while some have started pointing accusing fingers at actors within the CDC for being responsible for the bullet that wounded the driver, the CDC, has also accused opposition political parties – the Unity Party and the People’s Liberation Party of attacking their partisans on the day of the incident.

The CDC in its attempt to exonerate itself from reports that there was scuffle at its headquarters that led to the firing of a gun gave the following account:

 “Hundreds of CDCeans were assembling around the ‘Boys Town’ Junction at around afternoon (September 11, 2021) to receive their Chairman, unbeknownst to them that ‘Stone throwing’ opposition members would bloodily confront them!  This unwarranted confrontation left our people disadvantaged as vulnerable women and other partisans fled for their safety. It took several hours before brave partisans could return to the program venue, many stayed away due to the deliberate violence staged by alleged opposition members. The motive was evident that elements armed with rocks and sticks were determined to prevent the gathering of CDCeans. We have proof of this unprovoked violence allegedly carried out by opposition members. A formal complaint is being compiled as the police investigates.”

“On the same Saturday, a group of bandits again alleged to belong to the Unity Party (they were spotted leaving their party premises in the Congo Town area) stormed the Congo Town back-road intersection and began throwing stones at buses transporting our partisans. Window glasses were shattered amid chaos and anarchy. In both cases, not a single CDCean returned a stone, but remain law-abiding and peaceful, simply expressing shocked at the ruthlessness of opposition members. Our people are disciplined & very peaceful, often taught to turn the left ear when the right is slapped. We commend this level of tolerance that prevented (what would have been the outbreak of) a major crisis.”

“Lastly, on the same Saturday night, 11 September 2021, at around 7:30pm, a bus transporting CDCeans came under lethal attack at the entrance of the People Liberation Party(PLP). Witnesses alleged the masterminds launched the unprovoked attack on CDCeans from the safety of the PLP Headquarters. It is important to stress that before he was victimized, the driver was transporting partisans back from the RIA on the main (Tubman) boulevard road, and was slowed by the imposing traffic, which was the opportunity the opposition attackers sought. This sinister attack appeared to have targeted the vehicle operator, who instantly fell heaped on the floor upon the impact as the vehicle drove out of control. One of the occupants helped bring the vehicle to a stop as the victim (operator) bled profusely and was rushed to the hospital. At this point, as we await police investigatory report, it’s being alleged that some opposition members may have used a single-barrel weapon during the attack on the vehicle at the PLP Headquarters, which may have been aimed at disrupting the CDC program.”