Liberia: Deceased Auditors Laid to Rest; Clergymen Call for God’s Intervention in Their Myseterious Deaths

In the wake of the delay by the Government of Liberia (GOL), to release the autopsy reports on the deaths of four Liberians who died under mysterious circumstances in the country, family members, friends and sympathizers have laid to rest the remains of the fallen Director of the Internal Audit Agency (IAA), Mr. Emmanuel Bartan Nyeswa, and the Assistant Commissioner for Audit at the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), Mr. Albert K. Peters.

MONROVIA – On Saturday, October 10, Mr.  Nyeswa was found dead in his compound along the 72nd Boulevard, outside Monrovia at 2AM after hanging out with some friends at a local entertainment center in Congo Town, outside Monrovia.

Earlier on Thursday, October 2, 2020, the lifeless bodies of the Assistant Commissioner for Internal Audit and acting Manager for Tax Payers of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), Mr. Albert K. Peters and Mrs. Gifty Asmah Lama, were also found in a vehicle on Broad Street in Monrovia during the early morning hours.

Two days later, another auditor from the LRA, Mr. George Fahnboto, reportedly died in a vehicle accident around 72nd Paynesville, outside Monrovia.

Funeral rites for the final journey of both Mr. Nyeswa and Mr. Peters were held at the St. Peter’s Lutheran Church and the St. Augustine Episcopal Church located in Sinkor, Monrovia and on the Somalia Drive respectively on Saturday, November 14.

Their remains were buried at the Kaiser Lawn Memorial Cemetery and the Dixsville cemetery in Brewerville and Caldwell respectively.

Their home going comes just a week after the remains of Gifty and George were buried last week

Delivering a brief sermon at the funeral service of Mr. Nyeswa in the presence of President George Manneh Weah and several other government officials, the Pastor of the St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Rev. Isaac A. Dowah, pointed out that the death of the fallen Liberian statesman raises lot of questions that remain unanswered.

He recalled that the death of Mr. Nyeswa came at a time several others within the auditing profession were found dead following the release of a report on funds intended to fight against the Coronavirus pandemic in Liberia.

The draft report of the audit which was being finalized shows no supporting documents for over US$48million donors’ funds for the fight against the pandemic in Liberia.

“Emmanuel Bartan Nyeswa stayed with whom in his house to the day of his death? Does his death have any connection to the report of the audit of the Covid funds-a draft of which was presented along the time of his death? I could ask many questions; but all I can say Christian friends is; only God knows”.

Demanding answers

Rev. Dowah demanded that the ongoing investigation launched into the mysterious death of Mr. Nyeswa by government must unearth or answer all of the suspicions and questions being raised or expressed.

“We the members of the St. Peter’s Lutheran Church-we are grieved and we demand answers to these questions through the investigation that is being conducted by government”.

Wickedness in high places

Rev. Dowah further observed that there exist those he called “perpetrators of wickedness in high places” in the Liberian society.

According to him, God will take vengeance and as such, citizens should remain prayerful and look up to God for vengeance.

“The perpetrators of wickedness in high places will have no rest in this life and the life to come if they do not repent of their wickedness. I like to say to the family, let God be the Judge”.

Rev. Dowah urged the family to do away from speculations or accusations, and allow God to take revenge for the death of their relative.

He added that most often revenge initiated by citizens is not done properly, and as such, citizens should allow God to take vengeance in a satisfactory and orderly manner.

He noted that though it is good to seek or know the facts surrounding what led to the death of the former IAA boss, family members and others should “leave everything in the hands of God” because, “people are sitting and watching like nothing has happened”.

“Let me say to the family that the God that we serve is with you; he knows your plights and we will continue to direct you in bringing to fruition the dreams and aspirations of Emmanuel Bartan Nyeswa”.

Rev. Dowah indicated that though individuals who bear responsibility for “killing” Mr. Nyeswa have accomplished their mission, they will not succeed to kill his dream and spirit.

Paying tribute, the wife of fallen IAA Director, Mrs. Rebecca Hine-Nyeswa recalled the spirit of “sharing” cultivated by her family prior to the demise of her husband.

He vowed to continue the advocacy and dreams of her fallen husband.

“My husband and I decide to share whenever we have more or when we have little. There is nothing too big for us to give. He decided to come back to Liberia to offer his service to the country. He’s my fortress”.

She urged workers of businesses owned by her family and others to continue to pray for strength and God’s blessings upon the lives of she and her family members.

“Who did it and why? Who are those that orchestrated, masterminded or implemented? Why bad things always happened to good people? This thing was not done by a stranger, it cannot be those kinds of friends Albert had from Duala; he worked with LBDI and used to buy things from Water Side, but it cannot be those he bought those things from” the preacher at the St. Augustine Episcopal Church stated.

He continued: “This cannot be an accident or one of you sitting here today who did it. This was something that was premeditated and implemented. Friends of Albert, you need to check yourself. The hands of the evil ones are always around but there is someone who politics cannot control that will come to our rescue”.

Now all of those who died under mysteriously circumstances have been laid to rest, Liberians are anxiously waiting for the release of the autopsy reports which are expected to detail the causes of deaths of the four Liberian professionals.

Though the reports were submitted to the government last week, it is yet to be released to the public.