Liberia: CDC-USA Leadership Election Results Upheld


MONROVIA – The CDC-USA Investigative Committee has upheld results of its recently held elections and recommended that the membership and media committee of the party’s USA chapter be chaired by members of Team Manneh, an auxiliary of the party’s diaspora chapter.

Meanwhile, the CDC Global says it considers the report ‘most acceptable outcome’ that should be respected by all parties for the collective good of the party. 

Recently, Team Manneh George accepted defeat to Constance Duopoh, calling on supporters to accept her as ‘legitimate chairman of CDC-USA following the induction of elected officers.

“Of late, though, the party’s topmost intellectual auxiliary, the CDC USA-chapter, has been beset with myriad challenges ranging from apathy to poor leadership,” a statement from CDC-USA noted.

Before the elections, the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the Congress for Democratic Change announced the lifting of an indefinite moratorium, which was placed on the conduct of elections under the auspices of the CDC-USA Chapter.

This decision came  after an extensive fact-finding period, which outcome supports the existence of a peaceful climate, favorable to the holding of free, fair, and transparent elections. It was also an outcome reflective of the will and aspirations of all partisans of the CDC-USA Chapter, the CDC said.

But following a decision from the investigative committee legitimizing the result, the CDC USA said, it is an auxiliary of the Congress for Democratic Change, CDC, the present ruling party in the Republic of Liberia, assuring that it will continue to propagate the agenda of the CDC.

According to the CDC, the election in Georgia’s nature of the due process, itself must be celebrated by all CDCians and Liberians in general, especially so that CDC-USA lives in the cradle of the world’s greatest democracy, the United States of America. 

“Equally, disagreement is necessary for any political organization and must the respected, in a manner that nourishes and hardens the contours of democracy. And for this purpose, we are proud of ourselves,” a statement from the ground said.

However, the Investigative Committee, in its dissection said consistent with the constitution of the CDC- USA, the term of erstwhile chairman Stephen Luogon came to an end several months ago.

Accordingly,  due to internal rumblings, Mr. Luogon and his leadership could not lead the party to elections in the constitutionally mandated timeframe. 

Team Manneh George challenged the announced results on grounds that 78 delegates were accredited, but that the results totaled 84 votes.

 The team, however, indicated that to the best of its knowledge there was no notice of electoral irregularities in the form of double voting or ballot stuffing. Team Manneh’s contestation focused on eight (8) votes. 

 The Commission, in the absence of clear knowledge of the will of the voters appertaining to the disputes votes, had to rely on a probabilistic model that considered the likelihood that the votes could overturn the results. The likelihood of the results being overturn was statistically improbable, therefore insignificant. 

Nevertheless, the committee maintained that cognizant of the importance of the CDC USA Chapter to the collective political framework of the party and the “people-centered governance agenda” of the Weah-led government; and sensing the need to rescue the chapter from any further derogation of its image, the Executive Committee of CDC Global constituted a team, headed by Chairman Mulbah K Morlu to mediate and guide the party to a free and fair democratic elections, which was conducted ‘fairly’, as such the recent election result stands.

The statement further stated: “This required democratic and political framework was envisaged as a compelling response to the leadership quagmire, and would doubtlessly be a source of energy, momentum, and enthusiasm towards a stronger and united CDC.”

The investigative argued in their direction that the appointment of the committee was legitimate and in line with the CDC Global’s Constitution, Article 18, Section 5 which reads that “In case of major constitutional or organizational dispute within the CDC-USA that is not resolvable through the CDC-USA Constitution, the CDC Liberia Constitution becomes the source document.” 

Going forward, the investigation outcome lauded the excellent negotiating skills of the team appointed by the Executive Committee of CDC noting that all parties to the conflict in the CDC USA agree to converge and hold elections in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, from September 3 – 5, 2021. 

“The election took place on September 4, 2021, but not without several challenges. Those challenges and other complications birthed by the elections created a stalemate that resulted in the establishment of this commission, herein referred to as The Tower Commission,” the investigative committee added.

Meanwhile, the Toweh Commission, which comprises prominent members of the CDCUSA, was tasked with the responsibility to, among other things, Do a forensic audit of the September 4, 2021, elections, Investigate the process leading to and immediately succeeding the elections, Make recommendations that would serve as a deterrence to a recurrence of the confusion in Atlanta, Georgia, Work with all the parties to the election to ensure that the democratically elected winner was seated and that that winning team is encouraged to make accommodations for the non-statistically preferred contestants.

Based on the evidence adduced in the matter and all factors considered, the Commission has therefore recommended that the results, as announced, be endorsed and considered as true, credible, and hence the authentic will of the voters. 

 That the elected party initiate immediate engagement with Team Manneh George with the hope to accommodate and promote genuine reconciliation within the Party. 

As a gesture of good faith and oneness, it is recommended that the chairmanship of two committees be ascribed to qualified and loyal members of the CDC supporting the defeated team under the former candidature of Mr. Manneh George, namely (a) Committee on Membership, and  (b) Committee on Media; the Chairman is encouraged to consider their participation as secretaries and members on other committees as may be deemed expedient.  

It also recommended that the CDC USA Constitution be reviewed to strengthen the provisions relative to leadership positions and the election of the chairperson of the convention. 

The Congress for Democratic Change or CDC emerged on the Liberian political scene in 2004 as a grassroots political movement and quickly won the hearts of Liberians of diverse backgrounds. 

Besides, the committee informed members of CDC-USA, that the Party-led government espouses an economic governance philosophy that is rooted in the emancipation of the Liberian masses from abject poverty, lack, and deprivation, which must be upheld always.

“Coined by the phrase, “Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development and guided by the brilliant and farsighted leadership of our political leader, Dr. George Manneh Weah, President of the Republic of Liberia, the party believes that only through massive infrastructural development can we make our country the preferred destination for investors with the capacity to create jobs, open sustainable economic opportunities and ameliorate the living conditions of our people,” the investigation said. 

Meanwhile, the Commission has commended chairman Mulbah K. Morlu, Jr., for the opportunity to serve and extend gratitude to the members of the CDC-USA chapter for their trust and confidence in the Commission.