Liberia: CDC Lawmaker Acarous Moses Gray Plays Political Game To Uphold CPP’s Lawmaker Yekeh Koluba Suspension for Consistently Insulting The Presidency

Appearing as guest on Voice of Liberia FM 90.7 in Monrovia recently, Representative Gray disclosed that he took the decision to file a motion against his colleagues’ decision as a smart political game intended to prevent other CPP lawmakers in the House from doing so.

Monrovia – The axe of the Plenary of the House of Representatives is expected to fall upon Representative Yekeh Kolubah of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) for his consistent use of invectives and profane languages against President George Manneh Weah upon the return of members of that August Body from Easter Break due to the unwillingness of his colleague, Acarous Moses Gray, to file in a motion for reconsideration which previously halted the action.

It can be recalled that the House Plenary on Thursday, March 25 unanimously voted to suspend Representative Kolubah of electoral district # 10 in Montserrado County for 30 Sitting Days (equivalent to almost four months) without pay for his constant habit of raining insults at President Weah.

Plenary is the highest decision-making body of the House of Representatives.

The lawmakers took the decision following the submission and subsequent debate on a communication from Montserrado County district # 5 Representative Thomas Fallah, who is also a National Executive Committee (NEC) member of the governing Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

 “At long last I have come to a cut-off point with my colleague, Hon. Yekeh Kolubah, Representative, District #10, Montserrado County regarding his constant, direct and deliberate egregious behavior being exhibited against the Liberian Presidency daily which I think this Plenary should no longer accept or condone as pleasant if we are to maintain sanctity and prestige into this sacred institution to showcase the integrity of its members,” Rep. Fallah wrote.

But in keeping with the standing rules and procedures of the House, a motion of reconsideration was filed by CDC lawmaker Representative Acarous Moses Gray shortly after the decision was reached by Plenary to suspend Representative Kolubah.

Speaking when he appeared as guest on Voice of Liberia FM 90.7 in Monrovia recently, Representative Gray disclosed that he took the decision to file a motion against his colleagues’ decision as a smart political game intended to prevent other CPP lawmakers in the House from doing so.

He claimed that Representative Kolubah’s action has persistently brought the House and the entire Legislature into public disrepute and as such, he will not write any communication to reconsider the decision taken by Plenary to suspend the CPP lawmaker.

He added that though lawmakers are privileged to use what he termed as “Sunday school words” during regular deliberations in the sacred Chambers of the House as guaranteed in the constitution, no lawmaker can leave the Chambers and used insults or profanities in the corridors, yard of the Legislature or office.

“The Legislature is an old school of thought; that’s why you need to put people in the legislature who understand the Legislature. A motion to reconsider a decision is like you made a decision and said I think we need to reconsider this decision that we took. Hon. Kolubah has violated everything in my belief in terms of the rules of the Legislature”.

Representative Gray further claimed that his colleague Yekeh Kolubah has also consistently rained insults on the seats of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives respectively as evidenced of multiple complaints that have been filed against him by some of his colleagues.

“Let me divulge to you as a veteran lawmaker because, even some of my people in the CDC are saying oh, you have rescued the man (Yekeh); you have saved the man; why are you filing a motion for reconsideration because, the people do not understand. Had those who believed that Representative Kolubah should not have been suspended filed in a motion to reconsideration the decision, they had not less than 48 to 72 hours to write and justify why he should not be suspended”.

Representative Kolubah described his colleague Gray as a “fighter” in a jovial manner but declined from further delving into the matter

He disclosed that these lawmakers in support of Representative Kolubah, especially some of his colleagues from the CPP, could have used the Easter Break to lobby with other colleagues to overturn the decision taken by Plenary and proposed that Representative Kolubah be reprimanded or pardoned.

“But as a veteran legislator, I moved to file in the motion to reconsider the decision. Fortunately, I was recognized. So, the fate of Representative Kolubah lies in my hands to decide whether within 48 or 72 hours to write a communication upon our return. If I don’t write a communication to justify why he shouldn’t be suspended, the suspension holds. Will I write that communication? Let me put it on the record-I am not going to write because I believe he must be punished, and the suspension will hold”.

Representative Gray further denied speculations that the decision was intended to crackdown or witch-hunt Representative Kolubah, who remains the fiercest critic of his political leader- President Weah.

He bragged of using the “legislative floor” to articulate his views and differ on issues during his days in opposition, instead of bringing to public disrepute the offices of the Liberian presidency, the Speaker and the National Legislature in particular.

He indicated that though he loves Representative Kolubah, a “killer instant” has been applied to ensure that the Montserrado County is penalized for his actions.

No interest to contest

Representative Gray is serving his second term as a member of the House of Representatives on the ticket of the CDC.

He was overwhelming elected by citizens of electoral district # 8 in Montserrado County during the 2011 and 2017 general and presidential elections respectively.

Representative Gray pointed out that he will not re-contest come the 2023 general and presidential elections.

“I have no interest in contesting and I have said this from the day that I won. It’s the decision of the people of district # 8. If you ask me for my personal decision –let me be exact-my personal decision is I have no interest and I want to be consistent. The voice of the people is the voice of God. When I ran in district # 8, I had no interest in becoming a Representative; the people asked and petitioned me, and I made the decision to contest in 2011”.

“I didn’t go around asking people that I wanted to run. It’s the people who asked me to liberate the district. And I came in to do it. I have performed my tasks”.

He added that any decision to contest for a third term will also be driven by a decision from his party.

Speaking further, Representative Gray pointed out the lack of electricity, water and sanitation as major challenges fronting his constituents.

 “The biggest challenge in district number 8 now is the issue of electricity, water and sanitation that I am fighting on. There is no district in Liberia that all communities are electrified”.

He urged his constituents particularly in Soniwein and other areas to desist from paying a cent to any worker of the Liberia Electricity Corporation for the restoration or installation of electricity in their respective communities.

He noted that it is “unacceptable” for employees of the LEC to be allegedly requesting money from citizens before supplying them public electricity in a timely and effective manner.

Speaking on the show via telephone, Representative Kolubah described his colleague Gray as a “fighter” in a jovial manner but declined from further delving into the matter.

“As far as I am concerned, I have not been suspended. I have not received a communication officially. We wait to see if the motion is tested and what happens on the (April) 13. We will start from there. I will love and appreciate if I am being suspended. I am not going to delve into this issue further”.

Members of the House of Representatives of the 54th National Legislature are expected to return from Easter Break on April 13.