Liberia: ANC Leader Cummings Says He is Complying With Quarantine Rules

Speaking to FPA Sunday, Mr. Cummings accused the George Weah-led government of politicizing and changing the decision of the healthcare professionals

MONROVIA – The political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) Mr. Alexander Cummings has been quarantined by the Government of Liberia but the authorities within the party have raised concerns over the manner in which he was taken into quarantine.

FrontPageAfrica gathered from the ANC leader, returning home from a board meeting was eager to comply with rules to keep Liberians safe and inquired about quarantine options.

After being told to self-quarantine, his home was inspected by health officials to facilitate the self-quarantine. 

Speaking to FPA Sunday, Mr. Cummings accused the George Weah-led government of politicizing and changing the decision of the healthcare professionals.

Mr. Cummings, consistent with his desire to comply and keep Liberians safe, says he immediately agreed to be quarantined at a government run center.  He is now there in compliance with the government’s directive.

The ANC leader says he is fully aware that he nor anyone is above the law and believes in the rule of law. This, the ANC leader’s aide said, is particularly important as it relates to the health and welfare of the Liberian people. He, however, hoped that the government demonstrates the same adherence to the laws/rules with everyone and in every situation.

He calls on all Liberians to follow the guidance so we all can stay healthy.

The government’s chief spokesman, Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, Lenn Eugene Nagbe debunked allegations that the Minister of State is under quarantine. 

He said, “He is not under quarantine. Why should he be when he has not traveled out of Liberia for months and he is not a contact?”

According to Nagbe, Mr. Cummings quarantine should not be politicized. 

He alleged that Mr. Cummings arranged with a member of the health team to self-quarantine upon his arrival.

“This is quite contrary to the established protocol. There are no exceptions to the measures, therefore the Incident Management System instructed that he be quarantined like everyone else,” Minister Nagbe told FrontPageAfrica.

According to Min. Nagbe, currently, there are several officials of government under quarantine at various centers. “No self-quarantine for them. The Managing Director of the LWSC, The Executive Director of LACE, the Deputy Director of the National Security Agency are all under quarantine like all others. It is sad and hypocritical that Mr. Cummings, a national figure who should lead by example would want special treatment which could endanger lives,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Secretary-General of the ANC, Mr. Aloysius Toe, has described Minister Nagbe’s allegation as a “blatant lie”.

He maintained ANC has evidence that shows that Mr. Cummings had requested to be quarantined upon his arrival. His office also requested the NPHIL if they would have transported him to the quarantine center but was informed that they (Cummings’ office) should facilitate his transportation and self-quarantine.

“Mr. Cummings understands Coronavirus is no respecter of person, therefore, he requested to be quarantined. NPHIL said he should quarantine himself and they even sent a nurse to his home to inspect where he would be quarantined. But he was later picked up and taken to a quarantined center which he obliged to because that’s what he had requested. Minister’s Nagbe’s allegation is only intended to score political points and this is not the time for politics,” Mr. Toe said.