Liberian Artists March Against Piracy


Monrovia – Thousands of Liberians marched down the streets of Monrovia to stand against #PIRACY as musicians and movie makers sent a clear message against pirates selling their work without compensation.

“It was just an historic event for our country,” says Movie Union President Frank Artus.

The celebrated Nollywood actor said it was an honor and a privilege to walk alongside his peers.  “We joined hands with the Liberia Intellectual Property Office (LIPO), the Ministry of Information and Cultural Affairs (MICAT) and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MCI) in this effort. 

Artus says watching thousands of filmmakers, musicians, and traditional dancers speak loudly and clearly to offenders of piracy showed that artists in Liberia have come a long way. “The days of stealing our intellectual properties are dead and gone. We united and took a stand and I am grateful to serve as President to spearhead this nationwide fight against piracy.”

 The Movie Union leader paid homage to the National Executives Committee, appointed officials, Ministers of the Ministry of Information and Cultural  Affairs and Tourism, the entire Staff at LIPO and MCI, Musician Union of Liberia, National Cultural Union, Liberia Association of Writers, Union of Liberian Artists and all filmmakers, who showed up to stand against piracy.  

He also commended Liberians who took their time to unite with the union in its effort to combat piracy. “You are all greatly appreciated for this. Because of your efforts, our Liberian Film Industry will flourish in its promotion of our cultural heritage. By this, we can then be inspired to prioritize our own content. God bless the Liberia Movie Union and God bless Liberia.”