Liberia: The Spirituality of Faithvonic’s Art and elevation as a Marketing and Branding Phenomenon


I don’t know where I got that mentality from as a child but all I can say is I believed that beautiful girls never farted because I saw them as angels on earth. Anyways, My thoughts must have come from the same place I uprooted the ideology of rain falling or drizzling because God decided to wash his hands after eating. Now I am an adult and I expect myself to know certain truths but sometimes my mind drifts towards my childhood innocence and plays in it with all purity of thoughts. I have observed Faithvonic’s carriage as she moves smoothly in the Entertainment industry as if she’s walking on a street of gold, it’s quite easy to imagine that she must have fallen from heaven, She handles are challenges as if they are nothing, her songs and music videos corresponds with international standards. Thinking out loud, I am tempted to say that Faithvonic must be the second coming of the African goddess of beauty and Creativity. If I am reading your mind right, I am sure the argument would be, if it’s true that Faithvonic is the goddess of beauty and creativity, Why did she choose Mama Liberia?

By Edwin Elic-Jaleiba, [email protected]

I hate to rewind to the ugly civil war that took place many years ago, but many wonderful lives were left unfulfilled, So don’t you think it would be logical to say that those souls were given a second chance through New bodies and gods and goddesses joined them to rebuild what was lost and to make our country better? I can tell that your second argument would be, if it’s true that Faithvonic is the goddess of beauty and creativity, Why did she choose Entertainment and not another sector to fulfill her calling? This is it, Entertainment is one of the fastest ways to grow because that’s one of the most assured ways to find happiness and as we all know, the human race is always in pursuit of happiness, which thereby means that we are always in search of entertainment. The number one Political figure in our country President George Manneh Weah is a product of Entertainment, he played soccer to make himself a National treasure and one of the most respected football legends around the world. The pivotal role of Entertainment in Liberia is Underrated but Faithvonic as been unrelenting as She injects her brand into various areas like the Business sector, Human rights activism and Philanthropy, The Fashion industry and much more.

Let’s take a microscopic look into why Faithvonic’s Brand is profitable for business and how she has grown into being a voice that the masses listens to carefully. Its been 3years now since she signed her first brand Ambassadorship Deal with Glow Liberia, Hmm! Time flies right? Faithvonic who has a scandal free career and many awards to her name is a hot cake when it comes being able to effectively market any product she’s attached to. We see how countless women patronize Glow Liberia because of Faithvonic’s influence, She doesn’t struggle to promote anything because her fan base is so supportive that they religiously follow anything related to their Superstar Faithvonic. Faithvonic’s natural ability as an excellent content creator gives her an edge as a brand Ambassador because she makes it easy for the marketing team of any brand or company when it comes to planning and delivery because Faithvonic would be all over your strategy in the most detailed and productive manner. She’s also the Brand Ambassador for GC luxury beauty and Zara mallLiberia and the testimonies that have been flowing all around about how she has been impactful to these brands is worth giving Faithvonic a standing ovation. So let me say this, If you have a brand or company that needs Faithvonic’s Branding and Marketing Phenomenon, you shouldn’t delay but employ her expertise.