Liberia: J Slught – The Multi- Talented Artist Excelling in Variety Genres (A Profile)


MONROVIA — J Slught, whose real name is Joseph Wesseh Tah III, is a Liberian singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor who is now on the rise of being one of Africa’s pride. He is a multi-talented artist that excels in a variety of genres but is mostly known for Afropop. (“Afropop a catch-all term encompassing the rich variety of contemporary African music styles — typically urban, electric dance music”).

He started singing, dancing, and performing in cultural events in Harbel Community where he was born and raised and actually discovered himself. 

The musician began his solo career with the release of his hit single “Can’t Believe,” which has become one of Liberia’s most remixed songs of all time till date. He rose to notoriety and was thrust into the spotlight in the Liberian music industry with his 2018 single “Sweet Love,” which had massive airplay on radio and on the streets of Monrovia. He then gained massive prominence in 2019 after his debut single “No Money” spread like wildfire across Liberia and in the diaspora.

In the same year 2019, the Afropop (“Afropop a catch-all term encompassing the rich variety of contemporary African music styles — typically urban, electric dance music”).and RnB singer was named “Best New Artist” at the Tunes Liberia Music Awards. J Slught had a breakout year in 2020, winning many accolades, including Best RnB/Soul Artist and Best New Artist. J Slught’s first big project, “Home & Beyond,” won Album of the Year at the MTN Liberia Music Awards, and he became the most nominated artist in various award categories such as Artist of the Year, Afropop Song of the Year, Producer of the Year, and many more.

2020 witnessed much recognition for J Slught from major international media houses like BBC, Front Page Africa, Music in Africa, Eyes of a Lagos Boy, and many others for his support and teaching of the cultural heritage of Liberia through music. Many of these educational events has enable others to learn about the diversity of culture of Liberia through music. 

Moreover, he has played a great role in the Liberian culture through music, by diversifying and bringing togetherness different cultural activities, concerts, live performance, and artworks. J Slught has created something completely distinct, he blends traditional sounds in a unique style, lyrics, vocally, and rhymes, which he has work on for years helping and couching on the true value of Liberia Culture through music.

J Slught’s style of music is culturally unique. He does Afrobeats (“the genre Afrobeat originated in the 1960s and 1970s has a Blend of traditional Music from west Africa that emphasizes on percussion rhythms. It is also an umbrella term use to describe music/ traditional music from west Africa”). 

Over the year, J Slught has been more engaged in teaching and coaching upcoming Entertainers and Artists on Liberia’s culture and traditional music. He has been the brain behind so many of Liberia’s hit songs and been a big inspiration to up and coming young producers too.

J SLUGHT has received a lot of recognition for prominent outlet for his unique arts of music and to promote the Liberian culture. His style of teaching, coaching and performance has enabled people to learn about the cultural heritage of Libera through music. 

J Slught has partnered with major brands like Orange Liberia, MTN, ECHO House, Tip Me Liberia, J Palm, Anglers Bar & Grill etc. on several brand activation projects. And is currently serving as a brand ambassador for KORUS which is a fast food restaurant that serves mainly traditional Liberian dishes.