A Call to Duty as Sheikh Mohammed, Founder of Famous Liberia Blog DiamondOnline Sends Alarming Messages to Liberian Musicians


Though being one of the country’s most valued bloggers, Sheikh is also a music critic with a huge experience in the Liberian Music Industry. With a comparative analysis, Sheikh relates Liberian musicians’ work ethics to that of the Nigerians.

By Edwin Olu Bestman

In his analysis, he did clearly provide a vivid understanding of the slow growth, the unfairness of Liberian musicians to their audience, and inconsistency. These points stretched by Sheikh are absolutely breathtaking. Nowadays, Liberian musicians babysit themselves instead of putting in work. While many artists around the world make use of Twitter and Instagram to connect and interact, Liberian musicians spend 2/3 of their 24 hours on Facebook. Most importantly, branding is one aspect that is missing.

See below this mesmerizing write-up by Sheikh Mohammed:

One of the greatest hindrances we need to work on as an industry is the act of inconsistency in our artists; in a country where the fans still yearn more for foreign music, our artists take four years to make an album (for Example, Bucky Raw CS3, Ja-redo 𝖯𝖮𝖠, Christoph The Change BMM) and release two songs every year. In contrast, foreign artists release albums and singles every month.

Brethren, let’s assume this was a production of rice; we’ll definitely have insufficient foster (food) for our people to burst it, and guess what? Our people will have to get used to eating, Banku, and Eba!

For example, in less than three years, Burna Boy has dropped 3 Albums with more than 30 singles and a bunch of collaborations. His music is marketed and distributed well. The result is what you see out there, and we think it’s all about the Nigerian population, or perhaps, he’s too talented or lucky. Hell, No, we are just naïve. It is the lack of the above that makes us limited, but we get drowned in our emotions instead of facing the reality.

Okay, Let’s leave Burna-Boy; one might say he’s too hellebore (big); what about Asake, Black Sherif, FireBoy, et al. in less than three years, they have released more projects than all our top-notch artists combine. This is the reason their music keeps having a free ride in the ears of our fans!

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