Liberian Prelate Calls For Reintroduction of Civics In School Curriculum as Church Celebrates Heritage Experience


Monrovia – Pastor Wah Wallace of the Light Center has called for civics to be taught in schools across the country so as to enable citizens be aware of their cultural heritage.

He said if civics is included in the educational curriculum, students will be educated on moral values and patriotism.

“We need civics to come back and it should be highlighted more deeply so that citizens can have a love for country,” he said.

He furthered that civics lessons should be taught in a more amplified way for citizens to understand the values of a culture.

Pastor Wallace spoke at a program marking “The Liberian Heritage Experience” that brought cultures exhibitions at the Light Center in Old Road.

The Light Center pastor said Liberian heritage experience is to know God’s purpose for Liberia.

“One of the ways to know our purpose as a nation can be clear when we know who we are,” he said.

Pastor Wallace disclosed that records will be taken from speakers, which will be printed for educational purpose.

He said, “The church should be the first one to discover who we are because the reason for the church is to serve as the light of the world.”

It is the fourth edition of the event which saw the display of Liberian products along with vendors presentation.

Dr. Augustine Konneh, an experinced Liberian diplomat, urged the church to begin a conversation on reconciliation to unite the nation.

He said, “the conversation will preserve the heritage and culture because it is an important component of any nation.”

Other speakers including former presidential candidate Nathaniel Barnes encouraged Liberians to keep praying despite the numerous challenges while Ambassador Lafayette Diggs hailed the church for putting itself in the forefront of Liberia heritage.

“If the stories are not told, the young generations will be lost, they won’t know anything about this country and the historical background will not be understood,” he said.

He continues, “Liberia is unique in many ways, the way we speak, the way we dress and the food we have is only about us.”