Liberia: Rev. Reeves Admits New Day of Stability, Integrity, Academic Excellence at Ricks Institute as School Gets New Principal


Virginia, Montserrado County-The president of the Liberia Baptist Mission Convention, Rev. Dr. Samuel B. Reeves has described the appointment of the new indicted Principal of Ricks Institute Rev. Dr. Enoch G. David Nyakoon as a ‘start of a brand new day’ at the Institution.

Dr. Nyakoon replaced then acting principal, Deacon Klahn-Gbolah Jarbah who gave his turned over note on Tuesday, November 30.

Dr. Nyakoon was indicted alongside three others including Mr. Kpak Kemeh, vice principal for administration, Rev. William Kibly, vice principal for instruction, and Rev. Edwin B. Dorley, vice principal for student affairs and christian education.

Speaking the induction ceremony, Dr. Reeves said it is an honored to induct into offices the principal and vice principals who loves Ricks Institute.

Dr. Reeves revealed that Dr. Nyakoon did not purposely apply for the job because he wanted to be hired but did it is because he loves the institution and is willing to sacrifice to make the place as it used to be and even better.

Said Dr. Reeves, “I know each one of those individuals personally. I know their commitments. I know their love for this school and thier know their love for education. So, they are here to help raise the standard at Ricks.”

Adding, “Today starts a brand new day of stability, integrity, transparency and academic excellence here at Ricks Institute.”

Addressing the employers, staff and students, Dr. Nyakoon noted that it is time to restore those years that locust have eaten from such a great institution; “It is not the school we left here.”  

Said Dr. Nyakoon, “We believe that change can come and we believe change is at Ricks Institute right now. So we are going to do some. But we saw how the campus is looking and it needs to be beautiful. To increase the students body to 700, 1000 or more. We need to build that. It will be our immediate priority.”

He added: “We are Christians, so therefore, we will not accept, we cannot accept, we must not accept, we may not accept unacceptable behaviors.”

Dr. Nyakoon said that the new corps of officials are ready work with parents, the president of the convention to bring about real hard tech systems, internet systems, and if possible, solar energy at the institution.

“This is our school, this is where you will get the best of education on earth, and therefore we will move from here and raise the bar very hard so that everyone of you will come back with academic excellence, Dr. Nyakoon revealed.