Liberia: Why Allow Henry Costa to Get into Your Heads?


BACK IN THE DAY, the kids or rather Liberians used to say, when they wanted to taunt someone, “For my besnay (business), you will get funky fever.” Some older folks modified it and removed ‘funky fever’ by adding “heart attack”. This expression was usually made as a result of the person the statement is being directed at, was finding ways and means to get even with the statement maker but just couldn’t find his or her way through. In such instances, most times, it was to a meaningless end for those trying to settle scores and so they continually had bad feelings when they allowed their teasers to climb to their heads.

WE THINK this present Liberian Government has lost it when it comes to Henry Costa business. And, some government officials have allowed this boy’s business to climb to their heads. So, they intend to do all to settle scores with him personally and all others, who are very closely associated with him, including Representative Yekeh Kolubah, Senator Abraham Darius Dillon, Mo Ali, etc. 

LIBERIA IS A country containing at most five million or less human beings, including over 4.5 million, who are Liberians. Why wastes precious time on a single individual, who is VERY CLEARLY not a threat to the peace and security of the State?

WHEN THIS identical ruling establishment was in opposition, they supported everything that Costa did “in favor of Liberians” during former President Ellen Johnson Sirlea’s regime. In fact, some of the identical names in the security sector that Costa now alleges are directly after him are some who always appeared as guest on his The Costa Show. One individual, particularly, always criticized President Sirleaf’s security tactics. Now given the chance to right those wrongs, you are there repeating the same things you said were wrongs ‘yesterday’. That regime made some mistakes in trying to go after Costa; but to a very larger extent, he was left ignored to do his thing and so his relevance wasn’t far stretched. Nothing much was heard of Costa on the international media, including the Voice of America (VOA), Al-Jazeera and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). 

BUT WITH JUST two years in power, President George Weah-led regime has made Costa turn into an international figure or a ‘rock star’ and that he is constantly being interviewed by these big, international media outlets. The more he appears on these mega-platforms, given his eloquence and brilliance, your regime is going to continually lose a pound of flesh.

THE LATEST ROUND of debates that this government has ignited again as it relates to Costa’s alleged use of a fraudulent laissez passer, is one that they know they blundered “bigly” but still want to venture into it to witch-hunt, waste taxpayers’ money and waste precious time. 

COSTA ARRIVED back into the country via Accra, Ghana on December 19, 2019 through the Roberts International Airport (RIA) and presented to officers of the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) his traveling document, which was a laissez passer. The LIS personnel, who are supposed to be trained in detecting a fraud travelling documents, especially one(s) that are issued by the Liberian government, after their checking with all their sophistications affixed their stamp on the document and allowed him to get out of the airport. They didn’t raise any alarm that the document he presented was forged or that the signatures on it had a problem. Until Friday evening, January 10, when he is attempting to leave the country, he is told that the laissez passer he had presented was forged. Come on now LIS and all others on this, including the National Security Agency (NSA), so it took you more than two weeks to know that the document had wrong signatures? Or is it another sheer incompetence you have again exhibited like others of you did on January 6 with the handling of the last episode of the protest? 

OK, LET ASSUME for argument’s sake that he slipped through the immigration on that day. But when you got to know a few minutes later or a day or two after that the document wasn’t issued by the authorized personnel, why didn’t you call him in to accost him for allegedly travelling with a fraudulent document? For the last few weeks, since Costa has been in Liberia, he has never been in hiding. The government has always known where he is at all times as Costa himself had always broadcasted his locations or places he wanted to go. 

COSTA IS A LIBERIAN, he should be left alone without harassment or intimidations to do what he feels led to do so long his actions are in conformity with the laws of the land. Leave him alone and concentrate on more important national issues, including the rising exchange rate between the Liberian and US dollars. His business shouldn’t give anyone heart attack; and stop allowing him to climb into your heads so that you don’t lose focus of the enormous tasks that come with governance.