Liberia: MOH, NPHIL Fight COVID-19, Not Yourselves


THERE’S AN African proverb that says, “If a frog comes out of the water and tells you that the crocodile is dead, do not doubt it.” This is why we do not take for granted Rep. Saah Joseph’s disclosure of the ongoing fracas between the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL) and the Ministry of Health.

SENATOR JOSEPH, an ardent supporter of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), on Tuesday posted to Facebook, “MOH vs NPHIL! Because of your in-house fight, the number of cases is increasing on a daily basis. No community’s awareness activities, where is the hazard support to health workers? You will be called upon to answer those questions.”

THE SENATOR did not provide any detail on the cause of the fight between the two government entities which are at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19.

HOWEVER, whatever the reason may be, it is prudent that we bring to the attention of these two entities that their inability to come to terms on the frontline is going to cost more precious lives and further plunge the economy below its already devastated state.

WE MUST not bury our heads from the reality the that our health sector is not prepared for this pandemic if we allowed this to go out of hands. This is why all focus and attention must be placed on formulating and implementing strategies that would take the country back to zero case.

BOTH the MOH and NPHIL must recognize that as health experts, their foremost responsibility is to save lives, therefore, it is prudent that they concentrate their energies on flattening the curve rather than the politics of the day.

FLATTERING THE curve would require clear messages on preventive health, and steps to help people maintain strict quarantine where indicated without suffering economic losses, and carry out regular surveillance testing and symptom monitoring.

THE TWO entities must realize that the country is at a stage where the entire population now looks up to them for direction in the containment of this coronavirus.

THE GOVERNMENT has had to roll back some stringent measures instituted for the prevention of COVID-19 less than two weeks after they were relaxed. This is a setback in the fight.

NPHIL and MOH cannot be subscribing to the politics unfolding while the country retrogresses on the progress made in the fight against coronavirus. It is high time they perform their primary duties as health experts and the lead the way in this fight irrespective of the side attractions.