Grand Gedeh Association in Americas Impeaches President


USA – Corruption in Liberia has evolved through many stages, getting stronger by the year.

Report by Lennart Dodoo – [email protected]

Initially it was recognized as public enemy #1 and then it became a monster when it appeared that the public enemy was becoming public officials’ friend #1.

The description then changed and it finally became the vampire – perhaps sucking blood out of Liberians.

In Liberia, many hold the opinion that Liberians from the diaspora working in government are more engaged in corrupt acts – this has been one of the reasons why many indigenous Liberians vehemently oppose dual citizenship in Liberia.

However, unfolding events show that diaspora Liberians do not only practice their corrupt acts in Liberia but also in their foreign residence.

Coming to the attention of the FrontPageAfrica is an alleged serial theft and embezzlement within the Grand Gedeh Association in the Americas (GGAA).

The national president of the association, Fred Gwyan and the treasurer, Jeremiah Shar, have been impeached and removed from their offices respectively, for multiple constitutional and impeachable violations, including misappropriation and embezzlement of the organization’s funds.

They have also been asked by the board of directors of the association to restitute US$30,952.42 to the coffers of the organization in 60 days.

Documents in possession of the FrontPage Africa show the pair and a host of others allegedly connived and concocted in the alleged financial crimes.

Reviewing the transitional budget of the organization between April 2016 – June 2016, the finance and budget committee discovered that the previous leadership left a bank balance of US$71,806.08, however, the committee discovered that all GGAA bank accounts were nearly depleted; and numerous unreported financial transactions were also discovered based on the documents received by the committee from the Board Chairman, Bull Yonly.

The Committee discovered that that Wells Fargo checking account balance was US$1,450.14, and the saving balance was US$46.12.

Also, Bank of America Saving account balance was US$14,854.24.

The budget and finance committee discovered three over-the-counter withdrawals of US$10,000 on July 11, 2016, and US$10,000 and US$6,000 on August 17, 2016, totaling US$26,000 withdrawal from the GGAA Saving Account at Bank of America from the period of July 11– August 17, 2016.

And, with only Mr. Gwyan’s signature affixed to the three withdrawal slips.

Additionally, the committee discovered that US$5,000 was wired from Wells Fargo Checking account to Ecobank Account in Liberia, on September 8, 2016, and another US$5,250 wired on September 14, 2016 to the same Ecobank account.

The discovery of such huge withdrawal (US$36,250) within the short period of two months, couple with the administration refusal to submit all outstanding quarterly reports, the Budget and Finance committee deemed it necessary to safeguard GGAA financial assets.

Hence, on October 16, 2016, the Budget and Finance committee wrote the National Board and recommended spending freeze on the organization’s bank accounts, until all the outstanding quarterly reports are submitted and satisfactorily reviewed.

Despite the spending freeze placed on these Accounts, Mr. Gwyan went into GGAA Savings Account at Bank of America and withdrew US$14,020 on October 20, 2016.