Diaspora Liberian Asso. Urges Weah, Legislature to Institute Strong Measures against Perpetrators of Rape and Child Abusers


Washington DC – The Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas (ULAA or Union) has expressed concerns over the prevailing situations of rampant violence against children especially teenage girls, who are experiencing rape, abuse, sexual harassment and exploitation.

In a press release, the Union said raping of children can lead to emotional abuse, neglect and can negatively impact the developmental wellbeing of children in the Liberian Society.

“In this light, the Union condemns the terror of rape unleashed upon the 15-year-old by her stepfather in Lofa County, and also, calls on the Government of Liberia to immediately bring the perpetrator of this diabolical act to justice without delay,” ULAA press release states.

The diaspora Liberian organization further stated that efforts should be made to build an ever-broader constituency in favor of providing awareness through the Ministries of Gender, Children and Social Protection and Health in order to seek synergies between strengthening preventive means and improvement of conditions that can lead to stopping sexual abuses and mental health challenges in the wider Liberian society.

“On the other hand, the Union is urging the Legislature to protect our young daughters by steadfastly enacting tougher laws to halt and seek appropriate action against teenaged girls’ sexual abusers.”

ULAA, which is the umbrella organization representing Liberians and their various organizations in the Americas, also called upon all women organizations to join forces with all civil society and developmental agencies to strengthen community-based protection for young children against abuse, harassment and exploitation in Liberia.

The ULAA is a voluntary, nonprofit, and non-governmental organization formed on July 4, 1974 in Philadelphia, United States of America.

Recently, the alleged rapist of the 15-year-old child, Johnson Chuluty, 36, admitted to his diabolical act shortly after he had been charged.

“I am the one who did the act,” Chuluty told FrontPageAfrica shortly after he was charged with the Crime of Rape in violation of the Act to Amend the New Penal Code Chapter 14 Section 14.70, approved December 29, AD 2005 and Published by Ministry of Foreign Affairs on January 16, 2006.