Liberia: ‘Contradictions’ in Christian Asso. of Blind’s Reaction to Rape Saga

Mrs. Fatu Kota

Monrovia FrontPageAfrica has obtained written statements by Fatu Kota, administrator at the Christian Association of the Blind (CAB), revealing that she was informed about the alleged raping of a 13-year-old blind student.

These statements appear to contradict a statement released by its CEO Beyan Kota, husband of Fatu.

In the statement, CAB claimed it had no previous knowledge regarding suspect Kwami Wreh involvement in any sexual abuse of students on campus nor did any act of such concerning the suspect claimed its attention.

Thirteen-year-old Princess [not her real name] was allegedly raped by her visually impaired instructor.

But a statement taken on August 11, 2018 at 11:56 from Ms. Kota by the police marked case number MC-Z8B-092-08-, states that she was told about the incident by a principal and another student she did not name.

She was told that Kwami and Princess were seen in the hall but when they were asked they denied doing anything wrong.

In the statement, which had an addendum, Ms. Kota wrote that the school had planned to expel Kwami in 2017 and since then he (Kwami) had not returned to the campus.

Princess told Police investigators that Ms. Kota was not saying the fact that allowed the investigators to asked her to write an additional statement to the inquiry.

Earlier, Ms Kota had written that there was never sexual abuse of female students on the campus. But when investigators pressed further with more questions, she admitted that there had been incidents of sexual assaults but she could not remember any of the students that were abused.

She argued that no one reported the sexual violence case to her, adding that if the school noticed such the school takes court action.

The victim told Police that on July 26, 2017, Kwame raped her in the school’s kitchen and she later informed the administrator.

Princess narrated that when the first incident occurred, she visited Madam Kota office and told her, who promised to handle it but said, “I should not tell any of my parents.”

According to the victim, she inquired from Madam Kota the next morning but was “she me to give her chance”.

Princess, 13, was born visually impaired and was turned over to CAB, which is a popular school for visually impaired people in Monrovia.