Representative Willie Identifies With Mothers of Newborns


Grand Bassa County, Buchanan – Representative Vincent Willie of Grand Bassa County District #4 has identified with mothers of newborns in his district.

Over the weekend, Rep. Willie donated assorted toys, soap, diapers and other accessories to mothers at the Gorblee Health Center of Compound 3 and the Liberia Agriculture Company Health Center. 

Over 50 mothers benefitted from the kind gesture.

He said the gesture was in appreciation of the mothers risking their lives during the election campaign and the election to form part of the democratic process. 

“Some of those women were pregnant during the elections, others had babies, they left their busy schedules, risked our future leaders just to form part of the voting process and as such those babies need to be appreciated along with their mothers,” the lawmaker asserted. 

He continued, “We have more to do in this district but I felt that baby mothers should know that I have not forgotten them and there are more things to be done”. 

Bendu Davis, beneficiary of the kind gesture, said that it was first of its kind for a lawmaker of the district to have remembered them in such a way. 

“God Will bless Vincent and he will do plenty things in this district because he cares for his people,” she mentioned. 

Julie Paye, another beneficiary asserted that babies are future leaders and God blesses those Who remembers them. 

“I want to tell our lawmaker thank you for what he did for our babies because it is my first time to see lawmaker remembering babies,” Julie noted. 

Report by Elton Wroinbee Tiah, FPA Contributor