Liberia: Woman, 21, Gives Birth to Quadruple in Grand Bassa County


Grand Bassa County – A 21-year-old woman on Tuesday, June 23, 2018 gave birth to four children in Zangar’s Town, District #2, Grand Bassa County.

Pinky Joe successfully delivered the three boys and a girl at her home.

Trokon Koon, a neighbor to Pinky, described the birth of the quadruple as a ‘miracle’.

“God is really wonderful; I can’t believe my eyes to see four children coming out of a single mother. The situation of Pinky shows that God is real,” he said.

He continued: “God has proven himself that He is really great because when I heard the news I doubted it until I saw it for myself”.

Richard Wheh, another resident of the community, told FrontPage Africa that Pinky needs help, adding that she and the babies’ dwelling place is not conducive.

He said considering Pinky’s current status, she might not be capable of offering good care for the children.

“I feel that the girl alone can’t take care of those babies,” he said.

“I am calling on humanitarians to help the girl and her kids. This county is getting hard every day and so it will be very difficult for Pinky alone to take care of four children, our lawmakers and other citizens need to help this girl”.

FrontPage Africa has discovered that the 21 years old woman deliberated the babies in hiding due to criticisms against the risks of home delivery in the county.

Since delivering at home, she’s yet to visit the hospital to get medication due to the lack of funds.

A family source told FPA that it’s the first time for a young lady to give birth to four at once in district #2 , Grand Bassa County.

Report by Elton W. Tiah, FPA Contributor