Liberia: Mayor Koijee Launches Foya Citizens’ Road Fund


FOYA, Lofa County – Curious about the state of unpaved streets in Foya, Mayor Koijee establishes an all-Foya Citizens road fund to fix the problem.

Over the weekend, the Mayor of Monrovia and notable son of Foya District, Lofa County, joined ranks with hundreds of inhabitants of the District to raise thousands of dollars for the construction of Foya streets.

According to Mayor Koijee, the project would offer that section of Lofa County a distinct image that reflects on the degree of cooperation that exists between inhabitants, which may then be repeated in every region of the county in the future.

He went on to say that the street makeover will be combined with an electrification plan that would try to give Foya a more modern appearance.

Mayor Koijee advised all of the city’s citizens both internally and externally to deliberately take ownership of the project, even though they share different political norms and values. He noted that the city’s citizens remain united despite political or ideological heterogeneity.

One of Foyah’s most prominent citizens, Dave Coimand, donated a check for $25,000 US dollars as part of the road project, which was followed by a group operating under the banner of the “Thomas Fallah Political Action Committee” that pledged an astronomical amount of one thousand bags of cement to be used in the road’s construction.

Former Montserrado County Senatorial Candidate and Representative of Montserrado made a generous contribution to the project, donating a whopping Fifty Thousand United States Dollars.

During his New Year’s visit to Lofa, Mayor Koijee, on behalf of the President, prevented thirty motorbikes to the chiefs and elders from enhancing their motilities.

The Mayor lamented that mobility is important in Lofa and that the President’s gift is a sign of his genuine love and appreciation for the people, which is a core pillar of the Pro-Poor agenda, which aspires to elevate everyone out of poverty.